Snoop Dogg’s first ever cookbook titled "From Crook to Cook"

Published Apr 14, 2019 01:21 p.m. ET

Snoop Dogg has long been known for his weed consumption and has spent the better part of the last decade giving speeches all over the world to politicians and people. Dogg’s goal has always been to normalize the use of pot and to inject technology into the still young legal cannabis industry. Since Snoop co-hosted a cooking show with the infamous homemaking specialist Martha Stewart, it comes as no surprise to fans that he would release a cookbook that is relatable for the average family including staple meals and snacks that are served and enjoyed in most households across Canada and the United States. What might come as a shock is that the content within the rappers new released book contains not a single marijuana edible recipe inside. That’s right, this book centers around some of Snoops favorite home cooked comfort meals and snacks instead.

What’s inside

Though there are plenty of weed related jokes and quips to keep you laughing the whole way through, the books 50 recipes within don’t call for adding cannabis products, not even once. To some fans dismay, it doesn’t actually include ideas on how to infuse the dishes within it using marijuana. Instead, it focuses on staple dishes that are easy to make on a reasonable food budget. Inside you will find everything from how to make a mouthwatering omelet, to other recipes you wouldn’t typically see in a cookbook like fried bologna and fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. For those seeking a slightly more elegant meal, there are plenty of other options like lobster thermidor, braised baby back ribs, and cheese sauce covered asparagus. This book includes all of the usual snacks like cookies, cakes, waffles, pancakes, and dressed crackers, and everything in between like comfort foods including mac and cheese, shepherd's pie, and of course Snoop Dogg's two highly sought-after gin and juice recipes.

Is it worth it?

So far, the Snoop Dogg’s cookbook has reached a bestseller ranking of just over 11000 which is pretty impressive for a book that caters to weed lovers, while not using cannabis for anything other than the included comedy. The reason behind this is likely the language that’s used, and the way that Snoop chose to connect with his fans on a more personal level using photos of himself and including behind the scenes footage from the time he spent as co-host of Potluck Dinner Party with Martha Stewart. Showing a more human and down to earth side of himself that is so rarely shared by celebrities of the same social status. Not only is it humbling and personable, but it’s also really fun and perfect for chefs with experience that ranges anywhere from beginner to expert. There are recipes in here that even the kids will enjoy recreating, and the cannabis references are expertly hidden, making it a great addition to pretty much anyone’s kitchen.

What the fans are saying

The consensus is though some may have been slightly disappointed at first to discover no marijuana edible recipes, pretty much everyone who has purchased a copy has left rave reviews and commentary praising Snoop’s cookbook for its refreshing uniqueness and professionalism. Amazon buyers leftan average rating of 4.5 stars with many saying they were reminded of childhood favorites and inspired to try them again thanks to this book.


Where to buy Cook to Crook in Canada

The cost of Snoop Dogg’s cookbook is available to Canadians for between $28-$35 depending on where you choose to buy it. Often headshops, dispensaries, bookstores like Chapters or Indigo, and due to relatively relaxed regulations even some smaller convenience stores or grocery stores may have a few copies on hand available for purchase.

Websites: Amazon CA, Urban Outfitters, Chapters, Indigo, and Food Network.

Where to buy Cook to Crook in America

The price of this cookbook for American’s ranges a little bit more. This is mainly due to the still stringent restrictions surrounding the cannabis industry, and other weed related paraphernalia that manages to keep many bookstores, and libraries from keeping a copy available. The most reliable sources for fans who don’t want to waste time looking is online merchants who will ship one discreetly to your door for a cost of between $12-$30 per copy.

Websites: Amazon COM, Barnes and Noble, Target, and eBay.



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