Six unique weed stash organizers

Published Mar 27, 2019 11:21 a.m. ET

If you don’t weed smoke very often than you may have no need for a storage container but anyone who uses THC or CBD products on a regular basis will benefit from an organizer of some kind. It doesn’t take long to obtain a collection of weed smoking pieces like pipes, bongs, vaporizers, or dabbing gear. There are those of us who prefer to keep our strains and weed seeds neatly separated. No matter what your preferred method of consumption may be, there will always be at least a handful of tools, materials, and accessories that you will want to keep safe. This is especially true in households with children that should have a locking storage container to store any cannabis related products and paraphernalia safely away from curious kids. Here are some of the neatest weed stash organizers on the market right now including where you can find them for purchase in Canada.

1. Weed Seed Storage Humidor

Cost: $49.96

Though technically this humidor is a weed storage container, it is incredibly small and the tins within it are tiny and much more ideal for weed seeds or CBD products like oils or tinctures in sealed containers. Inside you will find six 1.5-ounce smell proof containers that are each equipped with a window like lid and plenty of room to safely label and store a variety of cannabis seeds without mixing them up. The humidor will maintain the perfect amount of moisture which will help to keep either cannabis, weed seeds, and other THC or CBD products at the perfect temperature to maintain freshness and strength. With a dark mahogany finish and a scratch resistant felt lining, the elegant design makes it discreet and easy to stash away to where it can remain in view without triggering suspicions and also out of reach of tiny fingers.

Where to buy: https://www.caahumidor.com/herbal/cannabis_humidor_with_6_2oz_62_boveda/

2. Vatra Smell Proof Double Decker Weed Storage

Cost: $34.99

The biggest problem that people run into with storing cannabis is the pungent smell that permeates through an entire room in a matter of moments unless it’s entirely sealed. This hard-cased double-decker two compartment weed storage container has everything you could ever ask for including a smell proof seal, 7 straps, 3 bags, 6 pouches, and a maximum strength carbon filter to eliminate any chance of skunk scent from escaping. All of which are removable, replaceable, and adjustable to accommodate almost any type of weed smoking device or accessories you could possibly ever want. Pouches go down to a dime bag size for screens and extra filters and go all the way up to a sandwich bag size that is soft lined and waterproof to offer additional protection for your most prized and easy to lose cannabis related possessions. It measures ten inches long and can even hold smaller bongs or dabbing rigs safely for travel.

Where to buy: https://www.420science.com/collections/storage/products/vatra-10-5in-smell-proof-double-decker-hard-case

3. Aluminum Tincture Bottles

Cost: $16.99

THC and CBD products like tinctures and oils can be challenging to store. Most professionals recommend storing opened cannabinoid products like tinctures or oils in a refrigerator, but that can often leave them thick and difficult to dispense when they are needed. Instead of placing your THC and CBD products in a fridge invest in a set of aluminum tinctures bottles which can be reused repeatedly. They are equipped with childproof seals to keep children out and have an inner sleeve made of tempered glass, so that you don’t have to worry about harmful toxins leaching into your investment. They are dent resistant, scratch resistant, hold 60 ml of liquid each, and are coated in an aluminum finish that effectively keeps out all damaging light rays from reaching the liquids inside. They are dishwasher safe, come with a filler funnel, and each one is equipped with a tincture dropper top which helps to make measured dosing easy and convenient while on the go.

Where to buy: http://www.amazon.com/ALUMINUM-TINCTURE-Bottles-Dispenser-Childproof/dp/B079MJRFK


4. Clearbags Edibles Storage

Cost: $5-50

Clearbags is a cannabis edibles packaging company that specializes in storage solutions for cannabinoid infused products of all different sizes. Though they do not come equipped with child-proof or resistant seals they are smell and moisture resistance and offer options that make it incredibly easy to make anywhere from one week to one month's worth of daily doses of marijuana edibles that can be labelled just like any medicine dispenser for those who may have a difficult time remembering when they last took a dose. No matter which size you choose the outside of every single container will come equipped with a pot leaf sticker to keep cannabis edibles labelled and distinguishable from regular treats.

Where to buy: https://www.clearbags.com/box/food

5. SmokeSafe Slim Bong Travelling Container

Cost: $69.99

For those of us with a collection of larger accessories and pieces like bongs and dab rigs, it can be challenging to find something suitable to pack away our favorite devices to travel with. The SmokeSafe bong storage container changes all of that. It comes equipped with three solid inches of soft foam that will gently hug anything larger than a small pipe in a safe and completely immobile position keeping it from being jostled as the bag moves or bumps around. On top of the large center compartment, there is a removable and semi adjustable accessory tray for items like dabbing tools, grinders, screens, bowls, lighters, small weed jars, and more. As the lid is closed the foam lining in it presses against the tray holding even the smallest pieces safely in place. If you need a heavy-duty travelling companion that is lockable and safe to store any breakable parts for long distance adventures, then this is it. Don’t let the size intimidate you, it weighs a mere 3 lbs and is equipped with a soft comfort grip handle for easy and painless carrying.

Where to buy: https://www.amazon.com/SMOKESAFE-Container-Accessories-Storage/dp/B01FIQP0S2

6. Stealth Weed Locker

Cost: $67

This one is not for travelling, and more for those who are looking for a secure way to store their bongs, vaporizers, dab rigs, weed, and accessories behind a solid smell proof and lockable cabinet. Stealth is widely known for their high-quality lockable vaults and designed this particular one with cannabis consumers in mind. It comes equipped with a high security electric lock that requires both a six-digit pin code and key in order to gain access to the goods stored inside. The steel shell casing is one inch thick, fire resistant, and waterproof and offers some of the most secure weed storage you will ever find. Within the vault, you will find two separate compartments, one that measures 18 inches high for larger devices and another that is 2 inches tall to keep smaller accessories separate. Thick high school locker with four bolts to securely and permanently fasten it in place and equipped with a plug-in feature that allows you to charge any devices or tools that you may have while they are safely locked away.

Where to buy: www.amazon.ca



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