Product review: THC and CBD toothpicks

Published Aug 8, 2019 12:19 p.m. ET
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Now that both hemp and cannabis plants can be grown and processed into a variety of products to be sold in Canada, it’s an exciting time for enthusiasts. Not only can you go to a cannabis dispensary and buy products, that mere months ago could have you fined, or even arrested, but the incredible library of new and exciting items to come is a world that most of us could only ever have dream of. Though THC is often the most talked-about cannabinoid, due to its psychoactive effects, CBD infused products are quickly becoming the hottest selling items in the industry.

What are THC and CBD toothpicks?

These aren’t your average everyday toothpick. Though most start with a typical base, they are then dipped, soaked and/or coated in either THC or CBD oil before being packaged and sold to the public.

What are CBD & THC toothpicks used for?

CBD toothpicks are typically used to clean the grime from in between the teeth. Whether they are scraped against the gum-line or sucked on, the CBD oil is gently administered almost directly into the bloodstream. CBD oil helps reduce inflammation and kill some of the harmful bacteria that can cause cavities and other oral issues.

THC toothpicks offer the same benefits of the CBD versions, with one additional feature which is instant pain relief from sore gums.

How are they made?

These infused products are made using one of two different types of oil. THC oil is made by extracting the cannabinoids from cannabis plants which naturally produce large quantities of the psychoactive element. CBD oil is made using hemp plant materials instead, which do not contain a significant amount of THC.

Will they get you high?

No. Though THC versions do have the euphoria-inducing component, you will not absorb enough from using a toothpick alone to feel intense or the psychoactive effects. CBD oil cannot get you high in even large amounts and is ideal for those who might be subject to drug testing for work.


Top THC and CBD toothpicks on the market right now

Though you might not find them in your local cannabis dispensary yet, these THC and CBD infused products will soon be hitting the shelves right across Canada. Below are purchase links for either a direct contact for buying some or more information on when they will become available.

  1. Ignite CBD infused toothpicks
  • 55mg of CBD per piece
  • flavors include orange buzz, lemon-lime, caramel, tropical mint, apple and cinnamint
  • sugar-free
  • organic
  • vegan-friendly

Where to purchase: www.igniteCBD.com

  1. Moon Picks THC
  • 100mg - 250mg of THC per pack or 10mg - 25mg per pick
  • flavors including tropical mint, lemon lime, churro and caramel apple

Where to purchase: www.moonpicks.com

How to make your own THC or CBD infused toothpicks

Though it’s always nice to pick up a neatly packaged and pre-made cannabinoid product, these toothpicks are really simple to make yourself at home.

You will need:

  • 1 small glass jar (resealable)
  • 1-20 wood toothpicks
  • THC or CBD oil (enough to fill the glass jar approximately halfway)


  1. Add the THC or CBD oil to the glass jar.
  2. Set the toothpicks so that one end is submerged in the oil.
  3. Let them soak for at least one hour prior to using.
Why you should be using THC with your CBD


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