Pre-rolled joints are not all created equally

Published Feb 9, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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There are many different cannabis products out there to choose from, but none have been around as long as the pre-roll. It’s one of the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient options on any dispensary menu, so even though consumers generally recognize that they aren’t necessarily the best “bang for your buck,” they buy them up like crazy.

A trend in the beginning

A little while ago, we covered one of the most common problems with pre-rolls, which is that they are often made using low-quality fillers, and for the most part, this was quite true for a very long time. The blunts would be filled with powder from large storage containers that could not be sold any other way, and sometimes, they’d only contain leaf, which would be fine if consumers knew that when they bought them.

Unfortunately, they were and still are often marketed towards all types of consumers, without any real explanation as to what’s inside, and this has led to a major public distrust for any company that gets into this part of the industry. Still, since then, many changes have been made for the better, but that’s only because some companies saw a golden opportunity.

The rise in demand for pre-roll cannabis products

The quality of the roll, at least in the beginning, didn’t seem to matter much, as consumers continued to buy pre-roll products in massive amounts; so much so that many dispensaries struggled to keep them in stock. With rather high prices, and such low overhead costs, there was plenty of room for players to move in with optimal quality pre-roll products, and those that did are now selling the blunts faster than they can make them.

Switching gears

The pre-roll has received several new “upgrades” since its inception, and most of them are due to a change in the choice of filling. Many of the hottest brands now offer options that never existed, such as:

  • Flower for filler from a variety of potent strains
  • Pure CBD filling
  • Concentrate lined filling
  • Concentrate lined paper
  • Organic
  • Flavored

These are, of course, nowhere near all of the choices that are out there today, but this list just goes to show how far some companies in the cannabis industry have gone to elevate the experience of the pre-roll. There is now guaranteed to be a roll somewhere out there for everyone, including medicinal consumers, and that’s pretty amazing.

Benefits versus drawbacks of the pre-roll

Like with any pot product, there are ups and downs to settling on pre-rolled joints, even when they’re made using the highest quality materials.


  • Convenience
  • No skill required
  • Perfect for those with mobility issues
  • Small amount idea for occasional consumers
  • A wide selection of effects/contents to choose from


  • Pre-roll is one of the most expensive ways to buy cannabis
  • Vulnerable to moisture and damage during transit
  • It’s easy to be deceived when you can’t see for yourself what’s inside

Cannabis pre-rolls might not be the most efficient, economical, or in some cases reliable choice for all consumers, but with access to regulated and trusted distributors, the benefits can far outweigh the few extra dollars that it’ll cost to make the switch to them.

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