Pre-ground cannabis flower may be better than you think

Published Mar 5, 2023 10:00 a.m. ET
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For well, as far back as we can tell cannabis enthusiasts have rated the quality of a bud by the way it looks, smells, and feels while whole. Solid nugs decorated with shiny trichomes, sticky resins, and a dank smell are generally viewed as top-shelf options, but this method of assessing the rank of cannabis flower may soon no longer be the norm.

What is pre-ground cannabis flower?

Pre-ground cannabis flower aka shred, grind, shake, or bits and pieces is regular cannabis buds that have been milled into a beautifully even flake that’s perfect for everything you’d normally do with whole buds. It can be rolled into a joint, vaped in a compatible vaporizer, packed in the bowl of a pipe or bong, and it can be used to make edibles after it’s been decarbed with a little help from moderate temperatures.


You may have recently heard the term ‘shredheads’ being tossed around as it’s a new label provided affectionately by budtenders, brands, and producers and it refers to those who love pre-ground cannabis flower more than whole buds, or anything else offered up by cannabis stores.

What makes pre-ground cannabis flower better?

Many old-school consumers will always look at pre-ground flower as inferior to the alternative but there are many reasons why so many enthusiasts are changing their tune.

1. Convenience

There is no denying how convenient it is to pick up a bag of pre-prepared cannabis to use as you please, and since pre-ground flower is available pretty much everywhere these days, it’s really easy to find the brands and strains you love, no matter where you might be.

2. Cost


Speculation surrounding the quality of the flower used in these products is constantly circulating, with many under the assumption that the lower cost of pre-ground options is likely due to the producer's inability to sell the buds whole, and that may be partially true, as some have admitted it’s a great way to sell a product that might otherwise sit on store shelves due to the way it looks, but much like imperfect fruits and veggies, these mishaps are likely to save consumers a lot of money, and who doesn’t enjoy a few extra dollars in their pocket at the end of the day?

3. Ease of use

With pre-ground flower all enthusiasts have to do is sprinkle it into a paper, bowl, or vaporizer, and they’re good to go, which is excellent in particular for those who have physical limitations that may make handling and processing far more difficult. There’s no way to make enjoying buds easier no matter how you look at it.

4. Grinder not required

Grinders are a staple in most consumer's arsenals, as they’re needed if you want to achieve a fine, consistent grind that s necessary for a slow even burn but pre-ground flower eliminates the need for this heavy tool which can be a serious pain to buy, carry around, use, and clean.

5. Quality is consistent

Despite common misconceptions, pre-ground flower is just as potent and high quality as any other cannabis product you can find at a dispensary, and in some cases, it‘s actually better! Especially when you take into account the cost savings and the fact that satisfaction rates are relatively equal.

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