Published Jun 22, 2019 09:35 a.m. ET
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Marijuana has a unique odor, which, to some, is offensive.  The aromatic smell of cannabis can be pungent and linger in the air for some time after use. The use of air fresheners does not clear the air of the marijuana smell but instead masks the odor with whatever the scent of the air freshener is. In other words, all that is happening is an attempt to hide the smell. PotAway removes the offensive odor. There are many reasons why the smell of marijuana can become an issue. PotAway can address those concerns.

The legalization of marijuana in Canada in 2018 was greeted with pleasure for the cannabis smoker; however, it presented a problem for those that liked to smoke their cannabis and needed to be discreet or lived in a condo where smoking isn’t encouraged. A cannabis user that works in an odor sensitive environment such as a hospital or a setting where individuals may be allergic to perfumes or scents can benefit from PotAway.

Shelters for the homeless will welcome PotAway and its smell removal qualities not only for removing the smell of cannabis but will also help in eliminating strong food odors like fish or garlic. The product is also perfect for removing any mold odors from damp or moldy spaces.

The newly passed marijuana legislation allows for the smoking of marijuana inside your premises, leading to marijuana odors lingering in the room and on any soft surfaces that are in the area that the cannabis is being used. In Canada every homeowner, under some stipulations, is permitted to grow four marijuana plants. The plants do not grow without permeating a strong odor. Using PotAway is a safe and healthy manner of removing the smell that is produced during the cultivation and drying process needed for your home-grown four legal plants.

PotAway can be of great value to the real estate business. Odors, whether from marijuana or other pungent sources, need to be removed from the air when the house is being viewed for selling purposes.


For the pet owners, PotAway is the right product to keep close by. The natural product will not irritate your pets in the way commercial air fresheners have been known to do. Often pets are not considered when household products are used to remove odors from spaces. Toxic chemicals can have adverse effects on your pets. PotAway is natural, and toxic free utilizing the pure qualities of air and water to remove offensive odors from the air, safely and healthily for you and your furry friends.

A Niagara Falls entrepreneur, Valerie de Moore knows she has developed the answer to removing the pungent odors from the air safely and is sure you will embrace the sweet smell of clean air that her product will provide.

Her product PotAway is a fragrance-free, chemical-free product that is catching the eye of hotel owners in her city. A dozen hotels in Niagara Falls have currently accepted her product as a trial.

The product is an electrolyzed water spray that will eliminate odor, not mask it with other smells.



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