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Published Jun 21, 2019 12:46 p.m. ET
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Pleasure Peaks is a cannabis women’s sexual health company. This company is for women, built by women, and run by women and founded in 2015 in Toronto, Canada. Pleasure Peaks provides a wonderful, safe space for women to enjoy time with each other and their medicine.

Antuanette Gomez is the founder of a women’s sexual health line for women who like to enjoy the experiences of using cannabis. She is an advocate for women’s health issues and an advocate for women’s rights, equality and sexual oppression. Her speaking engagements on sexual health, tantric sex, and cannabis have taken her around the international globe. The lack of knowledge for women about sexual healing education and products prompted her to provide a service that encompasses the most powerful energy that we possess, erotic energy. Pleasure peaks formulate a service that is providing cannabis, sex, and spirituality. When cannabis is used topically, Gomez explains that more blood flow is felt in the genitals and the lubrication can increase the sensitivity to the touching of the vagina providing the path to the ultimate pleasure for a woman.

The company will not only be selling fun cannabis sex products including, lube, and CBD infused candles, but will also focus on the educational issues surrounding women and cannabis. Antuanette is the CEO of the company and has helped over 5000 patients dealing with chronic pain around sex and female medical conditions.

The philosophy of the company is in the believe that sexual health should be a top priority in a women’s well-being. Women should have access to safe and healthier feminine products than what retailers are providing. The company’s approach is to provide women who suffer from sexual health issues like endometriosis, rape survivors, and many other feminine matters, helping them to take their health issues into their own hands, while also encompassing sexual pleasures without stigmas being attached.

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Pleasure Peaks has a promise that they give to all women; they promise to lead by example and guide the healthcare industry on using cannabis as an effective treatment for woman’s’ sexual ailments of any kind. The goal is to empower all women about cannabis education so they can live life a full pleasurable healthy sexual life.

Products that Pleasure Peaks have produced are made from 100% organic ingredients; they are pH balanced, providing for optimal vaginal health?

• Katies Wish: will provide a mild earthy odor with a slightly citrusy flavor in its profile. This is a Sativa dominant strain that is free from pesticides and gamma irradiation. This product is available in two sizes, 3.5 g and 7 g of dried flower


• Cannabis Vaginal Suppositories: This product is a hybrid blend containing 40mg THC/ 20mg CBD specially formulated to relieve women pain of menstrual cramps and pelvic discomforts. The effects are delivered to the area where relieve is needed and rarely are there any psychoactive effects. The suppositories are 100% Mana Coconut butter. There are eight suppositories to a box

• Love in A Bottle: is Super Silver Haze 18% THC / 8% CBD strain, and is an indoor grown Indica-dominant strain, available in two sizes 3.5gm and 7 g dried flower

• Cannabis Infused Lubricant: the formulation of this product was specially made for aiding women, for enjoying a fulfilling sexual life, by decreasing tension, dryness, and discomfort during sexual pleasure. Consumers note the enhanced access to deeper orgasmic pleasures. This is a water-based lubricant that is safe to use with condoms and sex toys. Servings are 30 to 50 per bottle.

Cannabis for women is not just for smoking; a women’s natural endocannabinoid system paired with the cannabinol from cannabis is a winning combination. Women have a different genetic make-up than men, and thereby require a different cannabis strain for optimal benefits. Pleasure Peaks has recognized this and wants to empower women about the benefits of this natural plant.

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