PAX Era pods vs. PAX Era cartridges

Published Jun 1, 2019 01:21 p.m. ET
Credit: PAX

PAX is a cannabis industry leader that has helped to set the bar for customers’ expectations higher than ever before. Almost everyone knows, that if you want high quality and affordable marijuana concentrate vaporizer, then these guys will have you covered, but the release of several different models and styles has people wondering which one might work best for them. Here, we will try to answer any questions that might arise about the differences between both models, and end with my own opinion of which one is more worth the investment.

What is a PAX Era pod?

A PAX Era Pod works with PAX vaporizers and holds a cannabis infused concentrate that it ready to be vaped. They come in a variety of flavors, and concentrates, and are typically disposed of after each use. These pods are leak resistant, way more durable than cartridges, clog resistant, and they also offer a more customizable experience, based on how hard you draw through the device, rather than a release of the same amount of concentrate every time.

What is a PAX Era cartridge?

A PAX Era Cartridge is different because they are meant to refill and may require the knowledge of how to fill PAX Era cartridges. They also do not offer temperature controls, are a drain on the device’s battery, and leak much more frequently than the pods. PAX cartridges are designed to deliver the very same dose of concentrates in every single hit. Pax Era cartridges are currently available in just over 100 marijuana strains.

How to use a PAX Era pod

Using PAX Era Pods is as easy as making the initial purchase, waiting for them to arrive, and installing one onto a fully charged battery when you are ready to use it. Once empty, they can be disposed of and quickly replaced with no fuss and no mess. Pax Era pods are currently available in over 250+ cannabis strains and flavors to choose from.

How to use a PAX Era cartridge


Some PAX Era cartridges can be purchased already filled, but some of them may need you to have or make your liquid concentrates for vaping. After your first initial purchase, they will need to be filled and then installed before being ready for use.

How much are PAX Era pods?

Since PAX Era pods come in so many different varieties, the prices of them do range anywhere from $30 to $60 depending on the strain, flavor, potency, and THC or CBD content.

How much are PAX Era cartridges?

PAX Era cartridges are slightly cheaper on average and range anywhere from $15-$50 depending on the concentrate inside, and place of purchase.

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In conclusion

PAX Era is responsible for thousands of people finding a brand new healthier alternative to smoking cannabis, and the company has held high standards since its inception by making all of their concentrates using a CO2 method that leaves the delightful terpenes and cannabinoids intact, while effectively drawing the most cannabinoids out from the plant materials. Both pod options have pros and cons, so which one is better is really going to depend on your personal preference. The biggest thing to remember, is that the pods are made to be disposable, and are nearly impossible to refill, but they offer the highest quality vaping session with everything from temperature controls to a user driven experience thanks to sensitive technology that will only release vapor as fast as you are comfortable inhaling it. The cartridges have the benefits of being cheaper, but they will break and leak much more often, and have fewer options to choose from. Though both offer an incredible experience, the PAX pods are winning hearts for consistency, reliability, user friendly design, and durability, which wins them the number one spot in my books.



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