Mouthwatering berry-flavored cannabis strains

Published Apr 16, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Spring is here, and though a lot of us might not be ready to venture into the great outdoors just yet, there are plenty of weed strains that can provide the smell and flavor to get you pumped for it. Berry flavored cannabis strains are among the most popular types out there because the sweet smell and light berry taste is incredibly appealing to all types of consumers.

What’s in a berry-flavored weed strain?

Beginners hear about fruit strains, and many of them find it difficult to believe that cannabis could taste or smell anywhere close to a recognizable fruit, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, as pot plants get these qualities the same way that most fruit plants do through terpenes. These naturally produced oils give off the strong scent of fresh fruit, and when they’re in weed, the only real difference is that you're smoking them.

Terpenes do not induce the same stereotypical effects of THC, but science tells us that they do provide effective aromatic benefits that can be relaxing, sedating, or uplifting, depending on what the consumer relates them with. Berry terpenes are often found in more potent cannabis plant species, but they are generally known as a more uplifting and energetic option that works with nothing more than a good sense of smell.

What terpene creates the berry smell?

There are so many different types of terpenes out there that it would be challenging to list them all without a handy guide accessible, but the ones that are most responsible for the berry flavors that we all know and love are Myrcerene and Limonene. Mycerene is also found inside of hops, mango, and lemongrass, but it’s not one of the most popular or well-known cannabis terpenes.

Limonene, on the other hand, is typically more common among all weed strains and it comes in higher quantities in all fruit with rinds, rosemary, and juniper plants. In most cases, there are other cannabis terpenes that are present as well, but these two are the ones that leading researchers believe are most responsible for the strong and sweet berry smell and taste.


Why choose berry weed strains?

Berry flavored cannabis are among the top-rated and most sold in the world, and that is because they offer a delightful smell and a powerful kick that is suitable for connoisseurs of all different experience levels. It isn’t off-putting or overly pungent, which makes them an excellent choice for those who would like to toke more discreetly, and even if your neighbors were to smell them burning away, they likely wouldn’t recognize what it is, and that is a huge bonus that only comes with selecting terpenes like these.

Top 20 berry-flavored cannabis strains

There are hundreds of different terpenes out there that you can try out for yourself, and some of them are just as fantastic as berry strains, but if you’re seeking something for this particular quality, then you simply must check out these top 20 best-selling weed strains.

  • Berry Bomb
  • Mother of Berries
  • Raspberry Cough
  • Plushberry
  • Blackberry Lime Haze
  • Dream Berry
  • Crunch Berry Kush
  • Blackberry
  • Strawberry Romulan
  • Gooberry
  • Raspberry Kush
  • Shishkaberry
  • Brian Berry Cough
  • God Berry
  • Northern Berry
  • Purple Berry
  • Haze Berry
  • Berry White
  • Red Cherry Berry
  • Marionberry Kush
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