Most searched weed strains this November

Published Nov 19, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Weed strains come, and they go as the ever-changing evolution of the genetic pool shifts towards a specially bred selection chosen by consumers, producers, and patients. That is just the natural way of things, and while some weed strains get only a few moments of fame, others are ingrained so deeply into cannabis culture, that there will always be some variations of them out there somewhere.

What is so interesting about the cannabis industry today, is how little the average consumers truly know about the products that they use, and if you are not buying the right products you probably aren’t going to have the best experience. This is a problem that plagues some of the most experienced cannabis consumers who have years of toking under their belts but no real knowledge on weed strains, but there are ways to tell what to look for, and one of them is by knowing what other cannabis enthusiasts are looking for.

Luckily, this exciting new age of technology allows us to take a glimpse into the minds and search results of millions of people all over the world, and though there might be an estimate of somewhere between 3000 and 4000 weed strains, only a handful of them are searched for by regular consumers who are just like you.

While these different types of weed might not all be the best there is out there when the internet starts buzzing so much, that thousands of people are looking for the same thing, chances are there is something interesting there that you could uncover that might just be worth checking out. If the idea has you curious, then you definitely need to read on to find out exactly which weed strains consumers want the most.

1. The Blue Dream strain

Type: Hybrid

THC content: 17%

Other features: The Blue Dream strain is a potent favorite among experienced cannabis consumers and medical patients who seek relief from chronic pain, which is probably why it is the most searched weed strain of November. Blue Dream garners its powers from its parents, the infamous Blueberry combined with Haze, which resulted in a powerful berry and fruity burst of flavor and aroma that helps to ease you into the intense sense of euphoria.

2. The Death Star strain

Type: Hybrid

THC content: 19%

Other features: The Death Star strain is another potent, Indica dominant, hybrid born by combining the genetics from both Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. Though this weed strain’s rise to fame was slow, it won the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver back in 2014 and has maintained a high-quality name status ever since. It’s loved by those who can appreciate the pungent aromas of skunk and pepper, with a herbal twist and a citrus undertone that makes the mouth water. The effects of the Death Star strain are creeping, but intense once they fully set in.

3. GSC strain (Girl Scout Cookies)

Type: Hybrid


THC content: 19%

CBD content: 1%

Other features: Don’t let the innocent-sounding name of the GSC strain fool you, as this is one of the most well-known medicinal weed strains on the market today. Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid cross that combines the powerful effects of both Durban Poison and OG Kush, which are its parent strains. This one is popular with the ladies and beginner tokers who want a lighter, smooth, sweet and salty taste with a spicy, hoppy and citrus aroma that boasts a nice aromatic bouquet of terpenes. It has won several Cannabis Cups over the years and is so popular that there are now more than a few different phenotypes of the plant, including Platinum and Thin Mint.

4. The Cookies and Cream strain

Type: Hybrid

THC content: 21%

CBD content: 1.5%

Other features: The Cookies and Cream strain was bred by Exotic Genetix and is a cross between an unknown phenotype of the GSC strain and Starfighter. Thanks to its perfectly even 50/50 genetics, it boasts a nice and even full-body relaxation with an invigorating high that will leave you functional enough to still get things done, as long as it’s taken in small amounts. In more significant quantities, the Cookies and Cream stream will help you drift off to dreamland and help to improve your quality of sleep. It also boasts a refreshing nutty vanilla aroma that makes it perfect for the true concessions.

5. The Berry White Strain

Type: Hybrid

THC content: 17%

Other features: The Berry White strain certainly isn’t one of the most potent on the market, but it’s gained in popularity quite quickly due to its surprisingly effective results, and it’s an aesthetic appeal. This is one of those weed strains that is so covered in crystals that they will leave a kief powder trail in their wake, and its effects are a nice combination of both Blueberry and White Widow which helps to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, improve mood, increase motivation, and provide a satisfying overall sense of wellbeing.

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