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Published Aug 14, 2019 11:23 a.m. ET
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Today everything can be accomplished through online purchasing. Buying your marijuana seeds is no different. Here is where the problem can occur. Weed seeds, including feminized seeds, do not come cheap. These seeds are virtually an identical copy of the female parent plant. Sometimes this procedure is referred to as cloning by seed.

The integrity of the seed bank from which you are purchasing is a necessary piece of information in deciding which seed bank you will use. Try to ensure that the company is a trusted, established seed bank, providing the best seeds possible. This is the information you needed before you hand over your money.

What are the legal aspects of purchasing marijuana seeds?

The Cannabis Act of October 18, 2018, allows for the growth of four plants for personal use for all legal age residents of Canada. The following are the best seed banks found in Canada where you can purchase your cannabis seeds.

Crop King Seeds are perhaps the top seed bank in Canada. They are originating from Canada and USA. This company has an extensive stock and a wide variety of marijuana seeds available for purchase. The seed banks inventory contains feminized seeds, dwarf auto-feminized seeds, and other sought after seeds.

For the grower looking to cultivate plants high in CBD, this is the seed bank for you. Some of the best medical seeds from this seed bank include:

·         CBD Auto Cheese

·         CBDutch Treat Fem

·         CBDream Fem

The company ships within Canada and worldwide

Quebec Cannabis Seeds origin stems from Quebec. The fifteen-year-old company is well known for the breeding of high content CBD and THC quality strains. Fast service and great seeds are offered and delivered by this company

Delivery is worldwide

Montreal Cannabis Seeds originating in Montreal offer five years of providing hand-picked maturity tested seeds. This company guarantees germination and backs up the promise with replacement offers


Delivery is within Canada and worldwide

True North Seed Bank originates in Canada and is known for providing good quality seeds at fair prices. This company offers promotions including a 20% bonus on your next order. The company offers feminized seeds regular seeds, and new hybrids. The choices are great, along with the quality of customer service provided. All of the purchasing is guaranteed and comes to your door in discreet packaging.

Delivery is within Canada and worldwide.

I49 originates in Canada. This is a relatively new seed bank, with an excellent reputation. The company offers a wide selection of seeds suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation. Feminized seeds are a hot item here along with seeds that contain high CBD levels

Delivery is with Canada and shipped in discreet packaging.

When you receive your seeds, they should appear dark with spots or stripes (green seeds indicate immaturity). They should present with a shiny wax coating, and the shell should be hard. Finally, there should be no cracks or holes in the seed, indicating insects may have been present.

Above are some of the best-recommended seed banks in Canada. As with any business, there can be scams. Do your due diligence and ask some questions before you order your cannabis seeds online.

1.    Check out the reviews written online about the company, the product and customer service

2.    Purchase from a known source recognize the name from where you are planning to purchase

3.    What is the return policy or refund policy the company implements?

So now you have a list of reputable seed banks located in Canada. Choose your company wisely, be patient, and harvesting "will soon come."

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