Marijuana products to take on the road with you

Published Jun 2, 2019 11:28 a.m. ET
Credit: oatawa

Nothing is better than hitting the high roads with your cannabis in tow. When the need for exploring the countryside becomes a reality, make sure you check on the laws and regulations for where your road trip will take you. Do not plan on your trip to include crossing borders. This will be a disaster and could end your trip.

Cannabis is legal in Canada and many states in the USA, the issue is that the law does not allow cannabis to cross national borders and is a criminal offence punishable with jail if you were to be caught.

That being said, we can still enjoy an amazing road trip while enjoying cannabis and discovering the beauty of the land. In Canada as of October 17, 2018, it is legal to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis. However, the legalizing of cannabis in Canada does not mean that the rules concerning cannabis use are the same in each province or territory within Canada.

Some products that you should pack for your road trip:

CBD Topicals are a must to help relieve those tense, aching muscles that those long drives across the country can produce. The lotion, when applied to sore or stiff necks or that pain associated with being in a car for some time will provide relief in 30-40 minutes


CBD Gummies are a perfect addition to the travelling bag. All trips to areas unknown can cause anxiety to present itself. This can be combated by nibling on your CBD candy while admiring the countryside. CBD is non-intoxicating and perfect for taking the high road while travelling. A feeling of calm will be presented, and your trip will be a relaxing experience thanks to those delicious little gummies in the travelling bag.

Weed Cookies what cross country rod trip would be complete without these? Although at present, purchasing edibles in Canada will not be legal until October 2019. However, if you are handy in the kitchen, you may make a delicious batch of weed cookies to take on your trip. For traveling on the road, I suggest you stick with CBD based cookies while driving, for the relaxing calming effects that this cannabinoid produces. The THC weed cookies should be left for when you are the passenger if you are on a twosome trip, or for when you finish driving for the day. The psychoactive effects are not conducive to safe driving; however beautiful the scenery looks while indulging.

Cannabis cream is a product that will be appreciated when you are on your road trip. This cream will not make you high. Prepare your cream by infusing it at home before you embark on the high road. Cannabis cream will be a savior for any type of skin irritation that you may develop in your travels. The cannabis cream will assist in reducing any inflammation that could arise and works well to ease any pain that you may experience.

It is important to follow the laws of the land while driving and not to drive while under the influence of marijuana. Safety comes first, be wise about choosing and using the marijuana products to take on the road with you. Enjoy!



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