Little things that can make the “high life” easier

Published May 1, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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It’s good to be an avid cannabis consumer in this day and age, as we have access to all sorts of unique luxuries that generations before us could never have dreamt of. We’ve got updated technology that makes it easy to achieve cool, smooth hits every time, laws that protect us, and our enjoyment of open consumption so that we can indulge in the benefits of this glorious plant without fear, and some of the cleanest, most modern dispensaries and pot products that have ever existed.

There are tools, kits, accessories, and how-to guides, and we’ve got access to friendly neighbourhood budtenders who can help to ensure you get the right thing to suit your every need. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the good, but eventually, consumers are likely to run into at least a few annoyances along the way. Luckily, it probably isn’t going to take much to fix them, and this list of handy essentials might be all you need to do just that.

1. Plastic baggies

Generally, we think of baggies and cannabis as a taboo combination, but they can work to make stoner life easier in so many ways. They can safely hold a few grams to take with you on an adventure, or they can house a pack of papers along with a handful of accessories that could be useful along the way, but plastic bags are good for more than just carrying weed.

In fact, one of their best and yet least known features is that the freezer-sized ones will slide right over a rolling tray with ease. This can help to protect any images while containing any sticky or crumbly messes, and it’s easy to swap out for a new one, leaving you with a brand new-looking rolling tray that holds up better for longer.

2. Glass screens

Metal screens are a huge pain because they really don’t last very long, and there is something about their springy nature that makes them nearly impossible to properly fit into a bowl because there’s no grip to keep it in place if the device is clean. Metal screens are cheap, but they come in packs of 10 for a reason, and it’s that you’re guaranteed to need at least that many.

Metal will fall out, degrade into pieces, and in general just be a huge pain, something that can be avoided completely with glass screens. These devices don’t look like your typical mesh screen, as they more resemble a traditional jumping jack designed to rest neatly over the hole of any device. As long as you have one, you’ll always be smoking bowls without little bits of weed in the mouth, and they rarely need to be replaced.

3. Frequent rinses

After investing in a bong that you like, it’s pretty common to take a little pride in showing it off. The sleek, shiny, new surfaces and curvy edges that are barely touched are visually appealing and functional, but it really doesn’t take long for that effect to wear off. Resin, ash, funky bacteria from bong water that’s sat too long, all of it builds up into a sludge that discolors and gums up the pieces.

This can happen fast, even with regular weekly or monthly cleanings, especially for full-time consumers who rarely set their devices down, and it takes a lot of work to make a bong look new again. Since you can’t stop this from happening, your best course of action is a preventative measure that will prolong that new feeling, and it’s simple – frequent lukewarm rinses and cold-water changes.

4. Pre-rolls

We’ve all been out and about only to regret not being more prepared. Bongs are bulky and annoying, pipes are pretty much the same way, and trying to take a whole rolling kit is wishful thinking, reliant on things like a lack of wind and good weather. Even at home, preparing and then maintaining devices is time spent that you’re not high, so why waste it?

Smoking bowls is a nice thing to do sometimes, but you just never know when the urge to toke is going to hit, so why not get ahead of the game with a jar of ready-made pre-rolls. Keeping your weed stored this way can also help you to keep better track of how much you’ve already smoked so that you get a good idea of when it’s time to slow down, long before you run out, and that’s a win-win situation.

5. Keychain grinders

If you’re a true stoner, then chances are pretty good that you’ve been stuck on multiple occasions without your handy dandy grinder. Sure, you can use your fingers or a shoddy pair of scissors to bust apart your herb, but there's nothing you can do to beat the effectiveness and consistency of a real bonafide grinder, and it’s not always comfortable or reasonable to cart around your usual heavy-duty version.

Even if you do remember to stick it in your car somewhere, or slip it into a pocket, the chances of losing it are high as soon as you take it out. One thing that most of us always have by our side is our keys, which makes investing in a keychain grinder to add to the pile a completely logical next step. It might not be as big or smooth as a full-sized alternative, but it will ensure you always have one when you need it.

6. Alcohol wipes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a flower smoker, a vape juice enthusiast, or a concentrate fiend, all pot products are bound to produce a sticky mess at some point. With flower, it could be the trichomes that end up sticking to your fingers; with vape juice, it could be a leak, and with concentrates, there is the obvious issue of the super adhesive-like properties of these extracts combined with the fact that they get everywhere.

Whether your rolling tray is a bit dirty, your fingers are somehow glued together from cannabis resin, or you want to give anything else weed-related a wipe down, what you use will determine how effective you will be, and it won’t be pretty if you choose wrong. A Kleenex or paper towel will stick and rip, but alcohol helps to break down the remnants of cannabis while the thicker more durable wipes will hold together as you wipe away the filth.

7. Pre-ground weed

It’s natural to want to keep those beautiful buds intact. They’re beautiful, sparkly, and something truly worth admiring, but they aren’t very functional until they’re broken down into a grind that can then be packed into bowls, rolled into joints or vaped. It’s a necessary step in the process of toking, but it doesn’t have to be something you go through every single time the urge to smoke hits.

It is important to note that when stored this way, weed will dry out quite a bit faster than it will in its whole form. Still, for the sake of convenience, it’s more than worth it to grind up a day’s worth at a time. This way, what’s prepared can be kept in a jar for scoopable and pourable simplicity and even taken with you on the go with ease.

8. One-hitters

Rolling joints in some places just isn’t as easy or convenient as it sounds, and bongs come with the obvious drawbacks of size and stinky water. Pipes, though functional, will dump out the contents of a bowl in no time unless you opt for a cheap metal design with a lid, leaving very few options that are suitable for those who travel or indulge outside of their own homes.

Luckily, there’s a solution for that and it’s called a one-hitter. These cool and portable devices require no power, and they perform in much the same way you’d expect from papers without all of the extra combustible materials going into the lungs. A one-hitter will carefully contain the perfect amount for an individual-sized hit, and some even mimic cigarettes, adding a depth of discretion that can be nice.

9. Gum

Bad breath and cottonmouth are two of the most common side effects that come from using cannabis, and they can be really annoying when you’re trying to have a conversation or eat a meal, and you can’t generate enough saliva to swallow, or you can see your coworker cringe because the stank of the plant lingers on your breath. It’s an embarrassing situation and an avoidable one, as long as you have the right tools to tackle the problem.

Of course, staying hydrated helps significantly, but nothing will be quite as instant as a good old stick of strong flavoured gum. Peppermint is great for stimulating saliva production, and it’s a sweet and peppery scent that’s great for refreshing the breath and covering more pungent smells.

10. An organizer

At first, you probably started out with a simple jar of weed and maybe a pack of papers, but it doesn’t take long for a weed-inspired collection of goodies to get out of hand. Before you know it, you’ll have some in one drawer, a few over here, a device or two over there, and pretty much everything strewn about close to wherever you used it last.

Since pot products and accessories are expensive, fragile and in some cases even dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands, and they tend to make a giant mess if you don’t make an effort, it’s a really good idea to invest in a high-quality organizer.

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