Lift Ticket medicated rolling papers product review and DIY guide

Published Jun 22, 2019 11:04 a.m. ET
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There’s a new marijuana business in town, and they are drawing all the spotlights as consumers try out their products with great success and spread the good word. Though there are many exciting players in the cannabis industry, this one takes the cake for the most unique and successful this year so far. So many people are running around looking for the best tasting weed that they can find, but what if you could avoid all the footwork by adding the flavor right to your dry herb while smack dab in the middle of smoking it instead? Well, now you can with Lift Ticket Medicated Rolling Papers.

What are Lift Ticket medicated papers?

These papers design was originally inspired by a medical marijuana patient who complained of the awful taste that the government supplied product came saddled with. The idea was to make an all-natural option for those who could afford a more enjoyable option. Though the same implies that they are infused with THC, they contain naturally occurring terpenes from some world-famous cannabis strains instead. They take a natural hemp paper and infuse it with one of almost one hundred different terpenes, and then form it into a cone that is ready to use.

How to use Lift Ticket medicated papers?

These medicated cone papers come individually wrapped, and in packs of 1-7.

  1. You will first need to lift the seal sticker from the edges of the plastic topper.
  2. Pop the newly freed plastic tip out of the end of the tube.
  3. Flip the tube upside down into the palm of your hand.
  4. Fill the cone with any type of cannabis, and pack it down using an including stick.
  5. Press the corners that stick out from the flared end of the cone over the open end to keep loose marijuana from escaping.

The effects of using Lift Ticket medicated papers

Terpenes are unique in what they bring to the process of smoking marijuana. They have no inherently psychoactive qualities, yet they do seem to enhance the entire experience since they contain enjoyable scents that are often calming, refreshing, or exhilarating. Since they are all natural, there are no harmful side effects to be concerned about. There is no THC inside of these medicated papers so they will not get you high. They will only enhance the flavor of any bud you choose to smoke through them.


Where to buy Lift Ticket medicated rolling papers

Lift Ticket Medicated Rolling Papers are one of the hottest items to hit the cannabis market and are currently available almost anywhere that you would find regular rolling papers like variety stores, head shops, and marijuana dispensaries either online or in store. There is also the option to order directly from the website by visiting www.lifttickets710.com.

Photo credit / Lift Ticket

How to make your version of medicated papers

Though there are ways that you can make paper almost identical to those mentioned here, it’s a lot of work and requires a chemical process for the average person who doesn’t have the proper equipment at home. What you can do is purchase a gram or two of naturally produced terpenes from your favorite cannabis strains, and sprinkle that on either on top of a bowl or inside of a joint for an instant boost in delicious fragrance and taste. It will do the same thing at a fraction of the cost and can be adjusted according to the strength you prefer or require for each infusion session.

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