Joe Exotic celebrates pride and stripes with a brand new weed line

Published Aug 6, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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The famous Tiger King is back in action with a plan to enter the cannabis industry in the most stylish way possible. Though most fans of his show spent the last several months wondering if his attempts on the life of Carole Baskin were real or made up, he was working on a plan to rise to the top of the new green market while celebrating causes and life experiences that the King holds dear. As most would expect, the new cannabis brand will highlight his love for tigers, playing off the fanbase built by the success of the show, but the star's focus is a complementary pride theme that’s just gorgeous to look at.

Who is Joe Exotic?

Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic or the Tiger King, is a famous all-American businessman, media personality, and former operator of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, a zoo that was previously located in Oklahoma from 1998-2018. The 58-year-old garnered fame and fortune after the hilarious Tiger King television series was released. Though he claimed to be one of the leading experts in the world on big wild cats like tigers and lions, it seems that the tides have changed as he’s shifted towards cannabis and away from wildlife.

Isn’t he in prison?

Joe Exotic left the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in 2018, and 3 months later, he was arrested by the local police who suspected he’d hired 2 hitmen to kill Carole Baskin, a long time rival and competitor in the big cat game. In 2019 Joe was formally convicted of no less than 19 charges, sentenced to a 22-year long term in Fort Worth at a federal prison. Many believed that would be the last of the Tiger King, but just 2 years later in 2021, a US court determined that his sentence was unfairly harsh.

As a result of this legal revelation, Exotic’s 22-year sentence was tossed out of court. The mistake they said was the grouping of 2 separate charges, which granted him another shot at a reduced sentence. For now, the Tiger King remains behind bars, but his case will be heard again at some point this year, and according to his lawyers, Joe could be released after serving just 17 years instead of 22, allowing him to return to life a whole 5 years earlier.

What we know about the Tiger King weed line

So far, most of what we know about the new weed line was revealed in a small group of samples provided to TMZ, and it doesn’t tell us a whole lot about the products themselves, but we do know that the packaging is going to be fantastic. Tiger King fans will rejoice at the opportunity to choose between Joe on a throne surrounded by his beloved tigers and other similarly inspired images offering a direct connection to the TV series.

The insides of some of the exposed packaging will don bright orange and black tiger stripes, with bottoms that celebrate Joe’s sexual orientation by boasting a breathtaking shot of the pride flag for all to see. The partnership between Exotic and Xotic Flavors, a California cannabis producer looks like it’s all set to impress, regardless of whether or not you’ve seen the show. Aside from the subtle hints of flower, we don’t know much else about this line, but we sure are excited to try it!

Cannabis beverages to come

If tokable products weren’t enough to pique your curiosity, then you’ll be happy to hear that seltzer drinks are on the way. The beverages, lovingly dubbed Tiger Piss will include delicious citrus flavours like peach mango and blood orange, and if you’re looking for more details, then you’ll want to stay tuned for trade show updates that will be released next week when Joe Exotic has planned to show the world exactly what he’s got in store.


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