Incredible Facts about the brand new Stundenglass

Published Sep 12, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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The Stundenglass is ready and able to provide you with an exceptional smoking experience. The world's first gravity-powered hookah is contactless and uses kinetic motion activation and opposing cascading water technology to function. Let's see what else this gravity bong is made of.

History first

Various cultures have used the hookah. The 16th-century invention can be attributed to Indian glass makers who looked for a way to filter tobacco smoke using water.

Let's see who is responsible for the production of this fantastic hookah. Tracey Huston, a senior technical specialist for Apple, looked to expand his challenges, as his visions included re-engineering the age-old pastime of smoking. He turned his attention to inventing the Stundenglass.

The age-old method of smoking has been reinvented and turned in to a stunning, extremely efficient device. Seth Rogan had the privilege of being included in the selective "try this" campaign. The video of Seth Rogan and the Stundenglass hookah went viral overnight proving that fans were impressed.

The Stundenglass is very efficient, as there is no water spillage and absolutely no need to fumble for the exposed holes and risk losing some sweet smoke in the process.


Your smoke's potency and strength are dependent on how far you chose to flip the unit over. You will be using gravity to control the ignition of your substance and the output of the smoke. The unique design allows you to be in control of how much smoke you want. You may like to unleash the full powers of gravity and receive a full chamber of smoke. If you're going to share the smoke, you are in control and can pause by turning the chamber to be parallel with your table or countertop.

No puff puff pass worries


The gravity bong's versatile design makes it so that you don’t have to share the mouthpiece with other users, as there is no need for mouthpiece contact at all. The Stundenglass has another first of its kind feature, and it’s that the bowl piece does not need to be removed.

What is in the package?

Included in your package will be:

  • clear glass globes
  • a stand
  • tobacco and hookah bowl
  • hookah bowl adapter
  • coal tray
  • mouthpiece attachment
  • hookah hose adapter
  • hookah hose
  • instructions for cleaning and use
  • reusable storage box

Last thoughts

The COVID-19 global pandemic has given many of us a time to reset. The virus has directed us to look at how we can enjoy a contact-less high with our friends, safely and enjoyably. The pandemic may have had many of us wonder if we will be able to experience the social aspect of enjoying our smoke through a hookah's aid ever again.

Welcome the Stundenglass or Hourglass in German. This one does not look like its traditional counterparts, the bong or hookah. The striking design, even when not in use, is an interesting conversational piece. The sleek design has no resemblance to the college bongs from yesterday, as the bong's impressive presence has a futuristic presence and would, by no means, look out of place in a laboratory. The branding and look of this fantastic hookah are often associated with expensive technology, making it the perfect centerpiece for any room.

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