Have you been on the hunt for a potent cheese strain?

Published Aug 28, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis lovers are always on the lookout for the best weed strains that boast the taste and aroma that they prefer, but there are so many different types of weed out there that it can be hard to find one that hits the sweet spot. Cheesy cannabis strains are one of the most popular due to their pungent scent and robust flavor that lingers, and if you’re looking for one that will quell your craving, then this is an excellent place to start.

What does cheese strain mean?

Inexperienced cannabis users might hear the word cheesy and think that it means some kind of mold or less desirable feature, but it actually pertains to the aroma and taste. A cheese strain will boast an intense shot of cheese-like flavors and smells, and though some might disagree with how closely they taste to real store-bought cheese, it’s a profile quality that is highly sought after by more experienced cannabis consumers.

A true cheese strain

To some, a cheese strain need only taste or smell like cheese, but according to those who have been part of cannabis culture for a number of years, a true cheese strain must contain at least some combination of Skunk genetics.

Why so many cannabis connoisseurs prefer them

Many seasoned cannabis consumers will choose a strain based on its taste or smell, which is one characteristic that is similar among all cheesy types of weed, but these strains tend to make the mouth water when you know what else they have to offer, which in this case is typically potency. Cheese strains produce a strong smell and taste, but they also seem to provide a much higher dose of THC, enhancing its euphoric effects for consumers.

Though there are always some exceptions to the rule, a cheese strain is very likely to take a buzz to a whole other level, and that is especially true if its enjoyed in larger amounts, as these types of weed will often produce high levels of THC within the 20%-35% range, and that is a lot even for the most experienced cannabis users. Unfortunately, this quality also makes these strains less ideal for beginner consumers, but they still remain among some of the best weed strains in the world.

Top 20 cheese strain options of 2020

You might think that it should be easy to spot the best weed strains with a cheese flavor and smell, but the truth is that online shopping is taking over, and the name of any given strain isn’t likely to reveal as much as you might hope. Though a great number of cheese strain options include the word cheese in the naming process, the majority are more discreetly titled, so it pays to familiarize yourself with popular strain names so that you can keep an eye out for them in your day to day travels.

1. Sweet Cheese
THC content: 15%-20%
Type: 70% Sativa dominant hybrid
Parents: Black Jack & Cheese

2. Pineapple Chunk
THC content: 21%-27%
Type: 80% Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Pineapple & Cheese & Skunk Kush

3. Dairy Queen
THC content: 15%-21%
Type: 60% Sativa dominant hybrid
Parents: Cinderella 99 & Cheese & Romulan

4. Black Cheese
THC content: 21%-23%
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Big Buddha Cheese & Black SFV

5. Big Buddha Cheese
THC content: 21%-23%
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Cheese & Skunk 1 & Afghani

6. Blue Widow
THC content: 17%-20%
Type: 55% Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: White Widow & Blueberry


7. BC Cheese
THC content: 15%-23%
Type: Even hybrid
Parents: UK Cheese & Skunk #1

8. Cheese Candy
THC content: 20%-24%
Type: 60% Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Cheese & Caramelo

9. Swiss Cheese
THC content: 18%-20%
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Swiss Miss & Skunk 1

10. Galaxy Cheese
THC content: 19%-21%
Type: Even hybrid
Parents: Cheese & OG Cheese

11. OG Cheese
THC content: 14%-18%
Type: 70% Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: OGG Skunk #1 & Afghani

12. LA Cheese
THC content: 22%-26%
Type: 90% Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: LA Confidential & Exodus Cheese

13. Bubble Cheese
THC content: 16%-19%
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Bubble Gum Cheese & Bubba Kush

14. Cheeseburger
THC content: 20%-22%
Type: 60% Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Unknown

15. White Cheese
THC content: 16%-18%
Type: Even hybrid
Parents: Afghani & Super Skunk & Cheese

16. Cheese N Chong
THC content: 17%-22%
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
Parents: Cheese & Casey Jones

17. Cheese Bomb
THC content: 11%-15%
Type: 95% Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Bomb & UK Cheese

18. Blue Cheese
THC content: 19%-20%
Type: 60% Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Cheese & Blueberry

19. Bubba Cheese
THC content: 13%-17%
Type: 85% Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Bubba Kush & UK Cheese

20. Chiesel
THC content: 18%-21%
Type: 60% Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Big Buddha Cheese & NYC Diesel

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