Half Lit lollipops: The edibles that grow!

Published Feb 22, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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Edibles are igniting new passions for cannabis because people love the idea of getting stoned without having to inhale anything. This is true for both recreational and medicinal users, many of whom would never have considered the benefits of cannabinoids if this fantastic method of consumption wasn’t available. Health concerns aside, the effects will also last longer, so it’s really no surprise that we’re now hearing so much about big edibles brand names.

Some cannabis enthusiasts have a more demanding palette, seeking delectable dishes like roasts, steaks, or stews made with cannabis. Still, the most popular and affordable option on the market right now is candy. It’s small, so easy to hide away, and quick to consume, and you can pack a whole lot of punch into one of these little treats, but some of these candy brands stand out from the rest like Half Lit lollipops.

What are Half Lit lollipops?

These treats are 100% organic lollipops. Handmade in California, this is a gourmet line of cannabis-infused suckers that are made using only the very best ingredients. They’re currently the coolest adult candies on the market, but that’s not only because of their cannabinoid content or health focus. No, Half Lit lollipops have an edge against the competition because they work as both a snack and a tool, something that no other brand had tried.

A nice variety of flavors and infusions

Half Lit organic suckers come in a lovely range of flavors, colors, and potency options in both THC and CBD to choose from including orange, berry, mint, citrus, and more. This line offers something for cannabis connoisseurs of every experience level, and those who have managed to get their hands on one says that they taste fantastic too.

The unique extra feature

You can buy almost any kind of edibles you can dream of, but while there are more than a few options to choose from here, what sells the Half Lit lollipops is the fact that they come with a hidden cannabis seed. This way, you can enjoy the amazing treat and then grow a marijuana plant from the stick that remains, which is biodegradable and compostable. That’s great news for anyone who is looking for an affordable product that will hit a sweet tooth and help to get a garden started, all while keeping the good of the environment in mind.

Where to buy them

Sadly, you can’t get Half Lit lollipops just anywhere, as the makers are located in California, so the only way you can get them is if you’re lucky enough to reside in a region close by. As for cost, well, this will heavily depend on where you go to buy them, but on average, the suckers sell for anywhere from $10-$20 for one individually wrapped treat.

How to recreate them at home

If you can’t get your hands on Half Lit lollipops to try, then the next best thing will be to recreate the idea on your own which isn’t very hard to do as long as you’ve got a good recipe on hand along with the proper sticks. Hollow paper sticks can be found at most grocery and dollar stores, and these are what you’ll need because they will quickly break down so that the seed can breathe once it germinates.

With a handful of seeds, a sharp knife, and a little bit of skill in the kitchen, you can whip up a whole batch of homemade growable lollipops. It’s simple, easy, and fun, but it’s also a truly unique idea that is making its rounds on social media. So, don’t let a lack of access stand between you and this cool experience. If you can’t order some or simply don’t want to, then get started on making them today!

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