Goo cannabis strains in review

Published Jul 12, 2019 09:13 a.m. ET
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Cannabis strains are often believed to be named in a way that will describe its effects, aesthetics, lineage, or creator, but you might be surprised by the different variations on certain words that are used quite often in these names. Goo strains are a perfect example of this, as the genetics can range from 100% Indica or Sativa, to a subtle variation of both. Many Goo cannabis strains are not related to any others, and the words in those cases were used for either the way they sound, the popularity of Goo strains, or to describe the look of the buds. Not all Goo strains are sticky to the touch, and though many have a sweet or skunky base, there are a variety of aromas, effects, and flavors that can be obtained through each one. Here, you will find the ten most popular Goo cannabis strains, along with where they come from, and what can be expected of the effects after using them.

1. Goo
The original Goo cannabis strain provides a deep sense of relaxation that includes a couch locked, heavy sedating high that is cerebrally based but can be felt right from the tips of your fingers to the ends of your toes. The genetics of this breed comes from its parents Hindu Kush and Blueberry.

Type: Indica
THC content: 24%
CBD content: 0%
Effects: Relaxed, happy, sleepy, euphoric, and uplifted.
Aroma: Sweet, earthy, and blueberry.

2. Goo Berry
Goo Berry is a combination of both Blueberry and Afgoo cannabis strains. This plant produces spicy and sweet colas and comes equipped with tingly and laugh inducing effects that make it perfect for battling anxiety, stress, and depression. Though it is generally recommended for nighttime use, in small amounts, Goo Berry can be highly effective without making you too sleepy.

Type: 50/50 hybrid
THC content: 20%
CBD content: 0%
Effects: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, hungry, and sleepy.
Aroma: Blueberry, sweet, and berry.

3. Blue Goo
The Blue Goo marijuana strain is one of the more unique on this list, as it is one of the few types of Goo to include mostly Sativa genetics. It is a product of crossing Afgoo and Blue Dream which resulted in a sweet, full bodied flavor and invigorating effects. Smoking this one will provide you with a light boost of energy that is paired with a total full body sense of relaxation. These balanced results make it perfect for afternoon use.

Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC content: 22%
CBD content: 0%
Effects: Happy, euphoric, uplifted, relaxed, and creative.
Aroma: Flowery, earthy, and blueberry.

4. Jah Goo
Jah Goo is the baby of both Goo and Purple Jasmine cannabis strains. It’s buds sport bright and colorful pink hairs, and the leaves carry a bold and noticeable purple hue. The effects of this strain include a creeping full body sensation that might surprise you if you aren’t ready for it. This one is perfect for relieving stress and pain without making you too sleepy to continue with the day.

Type: Indica
THC content: 21%
CBD content: 0%
Effects: Euphoric, happy, hungry, and relaxed.
Aroma: Earthy, pungent, and diesel.

5. Strawberry Goo
Strawberry Goo was created with the genetics from both OG Kush and Strawberry Cough, which resulted in an 80% Indica hybrid. Though the effects are heavy and will affect your entire body, the sensations are often described as relaxing and invigorating, which is likely why it’s one of the most recommended cannabis strains for physical activity

Type: Indica
THC content: 22%
CBD content: 0%
Effects: Relaxed, happy, uplifted, sleepy, and hungry.
Aroma: Sweet, strawberry, and earthy.

6. Cookie Goo
Cookie Goo contains a phenotype from OG Kush that profoundly enhances the smooth sweet aromas. This strain provides motivating cerebral based sensations that can last for hours. The genetics of Cookie Goo come from crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Goo which resulted in an excellent combination of pine and berry-like flavors.


Type: Indica
THC content: 24%
CBD content: 1%
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, happy, and sleepy.
Aroma: Sweet, earthy, pine, and berry.

7. Afgoo
The Afgoo marijuana strain came to be by mixing the genetics of both Maui Haze and Afghani, which resulted in an incredibly strong buzz. The effects are sedating, but in small doses are wildly popular for stimulating creativity and focus. Unfortunately, it’s a difficult one to find, as this species thrives in a much hotter climate, so it is challenging to grow indoors, making it a rare gem to experience.

Type: Indica
THC content: 27%
CBD content: 2%
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, sleepy, uplifted, and happy.
Aroma: Earthy, pine, and sweet.

8. Orange Goo
This Goo strain was created by Seeds of Compassion, which are currently the only vendors of seeds. This strain is so new, that you cannot buy auto flowering or feminized seeds yet, and its genetics come from a complicated mixture of four parents that include Gooey, California Orange, Space Queen, and Ménage A Trois strains. The effects are robust and fast acting, and long lasting with intense bursts of euphoria and energy paired with uplifting flavors and aromas.

Type: 50/50 hybrid
THC content: 26%
CBD content: 3%
Effects: Giggly, happy, relaxed, uplifted, and energetic
Aroma: Orange, citrus, earthy, and cedar.

9. Pinkman Goo
Pinkman Goo is one of the most wildly popular cannabis strains out there with entirely unknown genetics. As the plants mature, the buds boast massive resin drops that result in some of the stickiest buds you will ever find. The more massive colas contain stinky and skunky flavors, with hints of sugar sweet tones that will keep you coming back for more. Though the plants provide large quantities of THC, the effects are less sedating and more relaxing and uplifting.

Type: Indica
THC content: 28%
CBD content: 1%
Effects: Happy, uplifted, relaxed, euphoric, and giggly.
Aroma: Mint, sweet, and berry.

10. Gorilla Goo
This marijuana strain is intense, with fast-acting effects that are perfect for getting things done. It’s a delicious combination of Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem’s Sister which resulted in some generously balanced sensations that are both energizing and sedating.

Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC content: 16%
CBD content: 0%
Effects: Uplifted, relaxed, euphoric, hungry, and giggly.
Aroma: Sour, earthy, and diesel.

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