Ghoulish strain names that are perfect for Halloween

Published Oct 30, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Halloween parties would not be complete without some of the most popular ghoulish cannabis strains on hand. Look out goblins because this year is a little different due to the pandemic, but the weed strains that will complement your perhaps virtual Happy Halloween party will be promisingly spooky. Come with me, and let's take a look at some of the most ghoulish cannabis strains in 2020.


The emerging and uplifting effects provided by this ghoulish strain of weed are perfect for a happy Halloween get together. The current times that we are experiencing can lead us down a road to depression, stress, and fatigue. Voodoo will be your friend during these trying times, as it’s very useful for combating these issues. The fruity, nutty but spicy buds are long-lasting and euphoric in effect.

Witches Weed

What better ghoulish name than Witches Weed during the Halloween season? This particular weed strain has magical fresh floral scents that will deliver a sense of sweet deep relaxation. The perfect choice for a Halloween party involves a night home watching a Halloween movie on the big screen. Expect to enjoy the experience moments after you have had your last puff. But get ready have those Happy Halloween munchies close by while you are mildly locked into the couch.

Durban Poison

This is a  perfect horror movie strain fit for the spookiest Halloween night. If it's a trippy Sativa with high THC, you’re after, then look no further. With this cannabis strain, you will be provided with psychoactive pleasures that will actively enhance a terrifying fun-filled night.

Blueberry Ghost OG

This incredible potent Indica strain is super relaxing and perfect for those newbie Halloween cannabis smokers. With it, you can look forward to a fast arrival of THC levels at the 27% level. Halloween treats should be kept close by because those ghoulish hunger pains will creep up during the Halloween activities with Blueberry Ghost.


Jack Skellington

Say hello to the pumpkin king strain. This potent Sativa is not for the faint at heart or the newbie cannabis user. Be warned the effects of this legendary strain will hit you fast and be long-lasting. So, my ghoulish cannabis friends, you have been warned to be careful with this one.

Zombie OG

Those of us that like the old zombie flicks will be enveloped in the mind-melting Indica effects of this potent 21% THC bud. This bud is serious business, and it will have you squealing with ghoulish laughter and feeling euphoric in no time. It will also ensure that you will experience that sedated zombie effect so if the zombie look is your attire for this particular night, then you can complete it with this potent strain.

Final thoughts

Halloween may be a little different this year as we battle the COVID-19. However, the real witches and goblins among us will take care and safely enjoy the ghoulish strains of weed that will heighten the Halloween experience. Remember, my ghoulish friends, be safe and if edibles are your special treat for the witching hours, go low and slow on your consumption. You want to enjoy this ghoulish holiday that comes once a year.

Happy Halloween!

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