Five of the best cannabis grinders on the market today

Published Mar 1, 2019 11:30 a.m. ET

Grinders should be the very first tool that any cannabis lover should invest in. No matter how you like to smoke your herb, a fine cannabis grind can offer several benefits from a more even and consistent burn, to easier removal of unnecessary plant material like stems or seeds that can interfere with joint rolling and the flavor that you will experience when you smoke it. Grinders themselves are useful for more than just busting up weed. They often have extra features like a compartment to store dried herb, a kief collecting tray, or a push-button start that can take most of the work out of preparing marijuana to be smoked. Finding the best weed grinder for you will depend on your budget, preference for features, and of course accessibility. Whether you are looking for a new and improved upgrade or are just getting into the marijuana scene, you will find a cannabis grinder here that can work within any need, want, or budget.

1. Santa Cruz Shredder

Cost: $79.95

The Santa Cruz Shredder is one of the world’s most popular weed cannabis grinder. This American made shredder was custom designed in California and quickly became a staple for many marijuana consumers proving that quality doesn’t always have to mean high tech. Made with an aluminum medical grade casing that features a unique tooth design, textured grip, friction ring, and every single lid is endowed with a rare earth magnet which helps to hold the two pieces together while on the go. With four earth-based designs to choose from that may include dolphins, a sun, or mountains that are engraved into a blue, yellow, pink, orange, or green background. Considering how simple and easy to use the Santa Cruz Shredder is, it’s no wonder it’s currently one of the best-selling cannabis grinders in the world.

2. Anaxy Star Modular

Cost: $64.95

The Anaxy Star Modular is the first ever nine-piece grinder designed to do so much more than efficiently grind up herb. This cannabis grinder created using magnets as the driving force that connects all its pieces and was inspired by the Anaxy Star which consists of six individual parts. The makers decided to take things one step further and created a one of a kind herb grinder that beats any other kind on the market. Want to dispense two different kinds of herb either at once or separately? How about having the ability to grind two different types of weed and store both of them safely separated within the same device? The Anaxy Modular does all of that and more. With an easy to pour funnel to assist in refilling, and an easy to read dose-measuring meter that can help you to monitor your daily consumption much more easily than ever before. This one is recommended for more experienced cannabis users who have already mastered more simple designs and are ready to move on, as beginners can find it a little daunting, but with a little practice you will be grinding and rolling like the pros with this fantastic manual cannabis grinder.

3. Cali Crusher Homegrown

Cost: $127.95


The Cali Homegrown is a 4-piece manual cannabis weed grinder that is designed and produced in America. Equipped with a kief catching tray, a screen to gently brush against weed grind to collect the kief, a storage compartment, and a lid. Measuring a small 2.35 inches this cannabis grinder fits into almost any pocket with ease. Though it is small, it is also one of the most durable grinders in the world. The casing is made of medical grade aluminum that is guaranteed to last for your entire lifetime and comes backed by a warranty that promises that any damaged or broken grinders will be replaced hassle free and with no charge. The unique feature of the Cali Crusher Homegrown is its 4-way locking feature that is designed to minimize the chances of cross threading. The outside of this particular Cali sports a white polar bear and the Homegrown logo over top of a metallic finish that is either black, brown, grey, pink, or red. If you can afford to spend a little extra and enjoy the perks of an electric free grinder than the Cali Crusher is a perfect option to consider.

4. Herbagrind Electric

Cost: $18.99

Since electric weed grinders aren’t exactly a necessity for many, the Herbagrinder is the first electric powered piece that made this list, and the only pocket-sized electric weed grinder option featured here. The Herbagrind electric weed grinder comes with one user manual, one USB charging cord, one wall adapter, and one cleaning brush to keep maintenance and power accessibility a breeze. This cannabis grinder is compact and designed to be used on the go. Featuring a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last for 600 or more uses per charge. The blades of this grinder are made of steel so won’t degrade from use despite spinning consistently at 24 000 RPM. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a kief collector, but it does have the ability to hold up to six grams of herb at a time inside of a waterproof container that will it safely packed away.

5. Otto Grinder Electric

Cost: $120

This electric weed grinder is designed with elegance and luxury in mind. There are no customization options with the Otto Grinder, but what it does will make you forget all that in a hurry. This is by far the best weed grinder on this list for both versatility and functionality. You can choose to either charge the battery or plug it directly into a wall adapter for power. This cannabis grinder will automatically self-adjust the speed and length of time that it grinds bud for according to its density. What makes the Otto Grinder even more incredible is that it can also pack your cannabis grind into pre-rolled cones all by itself. If you choose not to pre-load it with cones, then the device will eject the ground herb into a smell proof storage compartment. Instead, that can contain up to ten grams, keeping it fresh and hidden until you’re ready to use it.

Remember, not all grinders are made equally, and difficult to detect knock-offs of some of the largest brands are becoming a much more common find these days. To avoid this the safest purchase will always be one that is made directly through the manufacturing company. Especially if you are making an investment that comes with a long-term warranty.



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