Five best indica strains of 2018

Published Feb 22, 2019 02:22 p.m. ET

Pure indica strains are among the most sought after by both users and growers due to their taste, yield, and generally soothing effects. If you are looking for a potent and tasty experience that is out of this world, then check out the five best indica strains of 2018. Each one selected for its THC content, visual appearance, customer reviews, and popularity.

1. God’s Gift

God’s gift is the most popular indica strain of 2018 and is widely known for its citrus and lavender smell that is paired with a sweet flavor that tastes like purple grapes. While there is plenty of green to be found on this plant, the buds under direct sunlight will have a gorgeous light purple hue. This indica strain will also be completely covered in bright white crystals with dark brown pistils protruding from between the leaves. The average THC content from God’s gifts is between 18%-24% making it a potent, often sleep-inducing strain. This pure indica strain will go from seed to flower in as little as eight to nine weeks, with each plant growing an average of four feet tall.  

2. Ice Cream

Ice is another pure indica strain that is most notable for its generous production of resin glands. Once fully matured the flowers will be so covered in sparkly white crystals that you will begin to see how this type of cannabis got its name in the first place. The average growing season for ice cannabis is eight to ten weeks of flowering, and each plant can be expected to grow between three and four feet tall. Unlike most indica strains, Ice Cream is known when used in smaller doses to produce a more energetic effect that is great for socializing and remaining on the go. THC for this one ranges between 18%-28%, and its terpene profile is pine with an earthy flavor.

3. Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic’s heritage is somewhat shrouded in mystery. We know its genetics contain some Blueberry and Northern Lights, but not much else is known about where this majestic plant came from. The flowers as they mature will become tinted with a grayish blue color, and Blue Mystic tastes and smells exactly like mouth watering blueberries. The growing period for this pure indica strain is approximately 8-9 weeks of flowering with a full harvest expected within 10-12 weeks from seed. BM contains a higher than average THC level too generally around 21%.  The plants themselves are small and bushy with an average height of between two and three feet tall, but the average yield produced isn’t as little as one might expect from such a short-statured plant as the Blue Mystic makes up for it in girth.

4. Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush rose in popularity after the release of the movie Pineapple Express which was entirely based around a man who sold it. The name lingers still now that so many have been made of aware of how incredible this plant is. With a citrus base smell that holds a hint of pineapple or orange and a name that’s easy to remember it’s no wonder so many have come to love it. The plant itself produces bright green and brown buds that look like they are coated in sugar. Pineapple Kush is one of the only pure indica strains that provides a noteworthy CBD content weighing in at .14% on average, paired with an 18% THC content making this one popular among both the recreational and medical communities.

5. Fat Banana


This Indica strain is most respected by growers as it can produce massive yields that are resistant to bugs, mold, and drought is impeccable. Not only does it grow well but it also pleases the crowds with a 25% average THC content, and a taste that resembles a delicious banana split. Fat Banana provides massive colas that are full of bright orange pistils and are tightly condensed. The average height of this Indica strain is four feet tall, and its average growing season takes 13 weeks from start to finish with a flowering stage that lasts for 9 weeks. The main restriction that is faced by this strain is its lack of accessibility. It does prefer a warmer than average climate making it a difficult choice for those who live in less ideal environments.

Common characteristics of pure indica strains                                                                                                    

If you have any basic knowledge of cannabis strains, then chances are you have already seen that most of them will be categorized as sativa, indica, or hybrid. The first reason these three labels are so important to understand for both consumers and growers alike is that each type of marijuana will produce a slightly different experience for the user. The second reason which is more crucial to growers is the differences in physical characteristics such as average height and or girth. Now, this may not guarantee that an indica or sativa will provide any sort of specific effects. What it does instead, is give you one more piece of information to take into consideration when deciding on a purchase, since each type does tend to carry similar characteristics among themselves.

Sativa vs indica                                                                                                

Effects - Sativa strains are most known for their lighter more energetic and uplifting effects, while indica strains are usually expected to induce a more intense sedating kind of feeling.

Potency - Some of the most potent strains in the world are pure indica strains making them wildly popular among customers seeking a high THC content average.

Size - The size of a plant in either group is quite predictable by looking at the strain type. Sativa plants will generally produce smaller, more dense buds and the plants themselves will often tower higher than 6 feet tall. Indica strains, on the other hand, are much shorter, between 3 and 4 feet tall on average, and bushier which usually leads to higher yields come harvest time.

Hybrids - Hybrid cannabis strains can be either an even split (50/50), Indica Dominant (over 50% Indica genetics), or Sativa Dominant (over 50% Sativa genetics)



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