5 Best dry herb vaporizers of 2018 available in Canada

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:14 p.m. ET

 Most vaporizers on the market today are geared towards juice and concentrate users, leaving those who prefer a dry herb vaporizer with limited options. You can find cannabis vaporizers for relatively cheap all over, but if you are looking for something that will function with quality and precision, we recommend these top five dry herb vaporizers of 2018 that are available online in Canada.

  1. Kingtons Black Mamba
    Cost: $65.98
    This dry herb vaporizer is incredibly sleek with a soft black outer shell that fits perfectly into the user’s palm. This kit comes with one cleaning brush, one pair of tweezers, two glass mouthpieces, two filters, one USB charger, and one user manual. Featuring a 1600mAh battery that is built right in and five different temperature settings including 365 F,374 F, 392 F, 410 F, and 428 F. With a rubber coated magnetized glass mouthpiece and a heavy-duty ceramic chamber with a built-in screen it’s easy to use and perfect for on the go.

  2. DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer
    Cost: $189.99
    This cannabis vaporizer is a high-end model made for medium to expert level vapers with precise temperature controls, a 900 mAh 18350 cell, and an easy to remove ceramic chamber for the easiest clean. It’s easy to see why this one is a fan favorite with its compact design, adjustable bud oven, and additional water bubbler feature. The experience of using a Miqro Vape is ahead of its time and offers a high-end experience. The Davinci Miqro Vaporizer kit comes with charger cord, user’s manual, two mouthpieces, one spare o-ring, one cleaning tool, and one vaporizer.

  3. Pax 3 Basic
    Cost: $259.99
    The Pax has come a long way with the Pax 3 Basic being an updated model of the earliest version. This dry herb vaporizer comes in orange, blue, or silver, and comes with a metallic finish. It’s tiny and can be discreetly stored for easy travel. The Pax 3 basic is for only dry herb but the additional piece to use other concentrates is available sold separately. Featuring a built-in 3500mAh battery, a quick heating time of 15 seconds, and Bluetooth connectivity for precise temperature control via your phone. This one offers much more than your average vape. When purchasing a kit, it will come with one USB charger, one cleaning tool, storage case, and on Pax 3 vaporizer.

  • Arizer Argo
    Cost: $263.24
    This cannabis vaporizer is a bit bulky but offers a smooth, efficient experience. The Argo is Arizers newest design and has the longest battery life of any of this list, providing up to two continuous hours of use off one 30-minute charge. The Arizer Argo Kit includes one USB charger, one user manual, one replaceable 18650 battery, two glass stems, two silicone stem caps, one stirring tool, one belt carrying case, one Argo Micro-Heater, and has an adjustable temperature range of 122F- 428F.

  • Digital Volcano
    Cost: $794.99
    Made by Storz and Bickel is the mother of all dry herb vaporizers. This dry herb vaporizer is a tabletop design and not for on the go use. It features a manual temperature control dial, digital display, forced air operation, and comes backed by a three year no fuss warranty. With the most impressive vapor production you will ever see, this beast looks intimidating but is incredibly easy even for novice vapers to use. The vapes internal vacuum pumps new filtered air that is heated to the set temperature. The volcano temperature can be adjusted from 40F- 104F and does all the work for you minus the packing with the only drawback being it needs to be plugged in to work. The Digital Volcano kit comes with two screens, one grinder, one filling chamber ring, three filling chamber clips, one liquid pad set, one cleaning tool, and four mouthpieces.

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