ExStax “spliff vapes” – An innovative technology or a bad idea?

Published Oct 27, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis enthusiasts have enjoyed the benefits of combining plant products with tobacco in various ways for hundreds of years. As far as we can tell, it’s something that’s been happening ever since cannabis was discovered. Spliffs, blunts, slaps, mole bowls, skofes, and poppers are all terms used to describe this unique blending of these two active substances, but vapes never once offered the combo, that is until now.

Vaporizers are generally designed to work with either cannabis products or nicotine juice, forcing consumers wanting to indulge in both elements to purchase devices and products for each indulgence. This trend many assumed would continue. After all, we as a society are trying to reduce the number of nicotine consumers out there now that we know it causes cancer and can be highly addictive. But ExStax has gone against the grain, by introducing spliff vapes to the market.

The ExStax spliff vape system

Imagine a sleek, modern-designed vape pen that allows users to stack filled cartridges up to 6 at a time (which is all most higher-end vape batteries can support), with any combination of cannabis or nicotine-based fillers. The stackable components extend the wand to any size and deliver a personalized hit that may include several different products to shape the experience and effects, but that’s not all. ExStax batteries recognize exactly how many carts are attached and adjust the amount of power going to the device, accordingly, providing a truly seamless, safe, functionality that goes far beyond any other competitor.

Other potential uses/benefits

The cartridges themselves also may have other uses beyond tobacco and nicotine, as water-soluble vitamins like B-12 may also be delivered through inhalation. Of course, this is a subject we have very little research on, so we can’t say with any certainty how safe or effective vaping vitamins with your weed may be, in particular for medical patients, but we can’t deny that it’s a really cool idea to expand on the potential health benefits of cannabinoids like THC or CBD.

Genius? Or a big mistake?


We haven’t had the pleasure of using a stackable system by ExStax, so we can’t speak to the way it functions. Still, we do know the adverse effects of nicotine on the body and brain, and with so many teens turning to vapes instead of cigarettes, it’s easy to see why some might be concerned about the dangers of these tools if they were to fall into the wrong hands.

However, we also know that consumers are already combining these and many other elements and smoking them, and as far as research shows, vaping is typically the healthier alternative, so why wouldn’t we want legal-aged adults to have access to such an incredibly designed tool that’s built to enhance the cannabis experience?

Unless some other issue arises, we think this device is going to be a huge success, with eager buyers taking extensive road trips just to get their hands on one.

Where to buy ExStax products and accessories

The only place you can buy ExStax products currently is in Arizona, but the stackable parts and empty carts are available wholesale, so they aren’t entirely out of reach for consumers outside of this area.

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