Everything you should know about marijuana terp juice

Published Sep 15, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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The marijuana plant contains compounds known as terpenes, and these elements are responsible for providing the flavor and aroma of each marijuana strain. Knowing that, you may now be wondering what terpenes are used for, other than flavor. Terpenes are used to boost the effect of marijuana concentrates and products.

What are terpenes, and how to use them

Terp juice formulated from the marijuana plant has elevated levels of terpene in the product. More than double the amount of terpenes that would normally be found in standard concentrates. These terpenes not only add to the potency of the herb but also provide a delicious flavor in an intense form of cannabis.

This marijuana product is not recommended for the person with a low tolerance to marijuana. The lesson of going low and slow for dosing defiantly applies here. If you achieve the high, you are looking for from lower doses of cannabis you need not indulge in this decidedly more potent form. Also, keep in mind that Terp juice could be the most potent form of marijuana concentrates available. This dab is defiantly not one to pass if you have a high tolerance to the marijuana plant.

The strength or potency of terp juice is attributed to the combination of terpenes and phytocannabinoids that are in this potent marijuana concentrate

Terpenoids found in each marijuana plant produce distinct flavors and smells.  Terp juice contains very high levels of terpenes measuring up to around 60% more terpenes than what can be found in other concentrates.

How is terp juice made?

Terp juice is obtained through standard butane hash oil (BHO) extraction methods. The materials used in the extraction are typically freshly cut or can be flash frozen. The cannabinoids and terpenes degrade quickly after harvesting. The quicker the marijuana plant is harvested the better-quality product you have. The method of flash freezing will also conserve your terpene quality.

There are products in the cannabis market that are similar to terp juice, including:

  • Holy water
  • Terp sap
  • Live resin

Some of the more noted and popular terpenes used in the production of terp juice

  1. Linalool is the lavender aroma terpene with anticonvulsant properties. This terpene can ramp up the effects of THC, CBD CBDV, and THCV.

  2. Myrcene is probably one of the most common terpenes in the marijuana plant. The mango-like aromas from this terpene are natural analgesics and present potent and useful sedative qualities.

Interesting Terp Juice Facts

  1. It is interesting to note that terp juice or terp sauce is often referred to as a full spectrum concentrate, because the extraction process preserves every molecule that is locked into each trichome.

  2. Terp sauce has the resemblance of apple sauce. The crystals that are found floating in it are THCA. The syrupy sauce is not something that you should make at home.

  3. The increased potency of the juice boosts the flavor and makes the concentrate smoother by the filtration of unwanted lipids and waxes.

  4. The standard HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts) include a 13% terpene content and with a 40% or higher THC level. The explanation for the increased potency is due to the entourage effect where more than just THC works to provide the results of ingestion.

  5. When Terp sauce is developed, there is no grassy tasting terpene option like phytol, as the terp sauce is not tainted due to the curing of the flowers first.

How to use terpenes to enhance your marijuana experience


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