Everything you need to know about the new THC Kiss cannabis drink

Published Aug 15, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Are you a cannabis user who enjoys cannabis in many different forms? THC infused drinks are one of the many ways that you could be enjoying your cannabis today. Cannabis drinks are convenient and becoming more popular as an added form of cannabis enjoyment. Let's look at what BioMed has to offer in the way of cannabis drinks.

They are located in Kelowna B.C. THC BioMed, formerly known as THC Medical Systems, has been growing medical marijuana for years. The company is a Cannabis Act Licensed Producer of medical and recreational marijuana. The company is licensed to cultivate herb, sell dried herb, extracted herb, and edible and topical form, and is Canada's largest supplier of legal Cannabis Genetics.

Before the promise of legalization of marijuana, this company was putting into practice the best way to grow marijuana plants. THC is proud to be part of the budding and emerging cannabis industry of today. This company promises to grow all its strains organically with the purest of pure nutrients, and there will be no pesticides used on the plants.

THC Kiss cannabis beverage is unlike any of the infused drinks available legally or on the grey market. Canada is producing the first ready to drink 10mg cannabis beverage, and the THC infused cannabis drinks are on the way to recreational retailers now.

What you get for your money

The brand-new Cannabis Beverage Shot promises to deliver a unique experience. An experience different from popular edibles on the market today. Consumers are being offered an alternative mode of consuming cannabis. This alternative method was developed by the company's use of proprietary extraction. According to John Miller, President, and CEO of BioMed, the medical cannabis consumer has expressed positivity towards the THC infused cannabis drinks. Each of the 30ml bottles of THC Kiss contains the legal 10mg of THC.

THC Kiss Guava shot

For those that enjoy a milk-based beverage with a delicious fruity taste, it might be worthwhile to check this one out. The fresh fruity taste is refreshing and substitutes for a delicious health drink with a bonus of THC. The little shot would be an amazing additive to your daily smoothie regime. The shot can be taken in two doses, but it is better to take the entire bottle of 10mg THC for the best experience.


Ingredients include but are not limited to:

  • Guava juice and puree
  • Sugar/glucose
  • Vitamins
  • Milk MCT oil
  • Cannabis

Retailers are selling this little shot of THC infused beverage for about six dollars per bottle. However, if you are a medical cannabis user, you get a break. The four-dollar price makes this delicious healthy alternative to smoking, whether recreational or medicinal.

Are you on the delivery route?

The first shipment of the THC infused beverage will be headed to Saskatchewan, and shortly after consumers in Ontario and B.C. will have the shipments on the shelves of dispensaries.

Last words

Cannabis can be administered in many forms today. No longer is the preferred method of smoking weed the norm. Health reasons and convenience have seen the path made for different ways to provide the same result, be it for medical or recreational needs. The THC Kiss the cannabis-infused beverage is ready to challenge the old consumption method and introduce you to the companies 10mg THC drink.

Canadian enthusiasts may be left waiting for cannabis events to return


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