Everything you need to know about live resin

Published Dec 5, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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With so many options at cannabis dispensaries today, it can be a tad much to sit down and learn about them all, but live resin is one marijuana concentrate that every enthusiast should know about.

Smoking resin is an experience sought after by some of the most experienced cannabis consumers, and for a good reason, as this product is one the most flavorful, most potent, and most difficult to find in stores. Here, we will help you out so that when the elusive occasion arises where you have the opportunity to buy some, you will know exactly what it is, how it works, and how to use it.

What is live resin?

Live resin is a high-quality marijuana concentrate that gets its name from the freshness of the materials used in its making. A process called flash freezing, which is implemented to extract the fresh and ripe cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids, which is why it boasts such enticing smells alongside bright colors that are rare among other concentrates. For this, only the buds and tiny sugar leaves are frozen to produce the best and most potent concentrate that tastes and smells just like the buds that went into it.

What does live resin look like?

Live resin can take many different forms, and they go by different names depending on the consistency. Budder, sugar, wax, badder and sauce are all different types of cannabis live resin. Some are more of a liquid, but most are moldable and soft with bright yellow and orange hues.

Live resin effects

Live resin, just like any other cannabis concentrate, can vary in strength depending on the quality of the plant materials that are used in the extraction process, but generally, they will range between 60%-95% THC. When you compare that to the average 15% in bud flowers, it isn’t hard to see the significant difference in potency. Its cannabinoid content alone is enough to entice the average consumer because it can produce the same effects as smoking weed, only up to 10 times stronger, and will last just as long but be much more intense.

The benefits and drawbacks of live resin

All marijuana products come with benefits and drawbacks, and though live resin is most definitely a higher quality product that offers a much more suitable experience for those with a high tolerance to THC, it too has some drawbacks that all consumers should be aware of, including:


  • Stronger
  • No chemicals used in the extraction
  • More flavorful
  • Contains a complete terpene profile that is non-existent in many other cannabis concentrates


  • More expensive
  • Difficult to find
  • Not as easily smoked in joint form with rolling papers, and it must be mixed with dry cannabis goods to do so
  • Only suitable for a more experienced consumer

How to smoke live resin

Live resin is most easily consumed through a vaporizer that heats the cannabinoids just enough to turn them into a healthier vapor, but there are several different ways that you can enjoy smoking resin:

1. Joint
Resin can be added to a joint by either lining a rolling paper with a thin coating or by spreading it on the outer layer, but the second option is a bit messier without a protective coating of kief to seal the deal. The key here is that you will need to add either tobacco or dry cannabis bud flowers, otherwise, the joint won’t burn.

2. Water bong or pipe
To smoke live resin out of a water pipe or bong, you will need to start with a finely ground bed of cannabis bud grind, packing it a bit less than you normally would. Then drip a few drops of the live resin onto the top of the herb grind, which will keep it from running down into the stem and getting wasted once the device heats up.

3. Dry pipe, bong, or hookah
These devices are all great for smoking resin, but the same rules apply as those lined out above for a water pipe or bong. You always need to begin with a bed of dry finely ground cannabis to keep everything burning and from clogging up the device.

4. Vaporizer
Live resin is ideal for vaporizers, as this is the only way that you won’t require the assistance of some other cannabis product to smoke it. Just be sure that you use the proper concentrate compartment, drop a few pieces or drips inside directly onto the coils, and let her rip.

5. E-cigarette
Live resin makes for the perfect concentrate to use in the making of your very own e-cig vape juice, but it is important to remember that most small vape pens require a mixing agent to burn at the appropriate temperature, so be sure to read your user’s manual to learn how to proceed.

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