Everything you need to know about CBD pillows

Published Oct 28, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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We know exactly how exciting it is to walk into your favourite store and find self-proclaimed cannabinoid products. It’s almost exhilarating to find hemp bath salts or anything else infused outside of dispensaries because it shows how much we’ve fast-tracked acceptance of the plant and all it has to offer, but this new market is full of all kinds of confusing and non-sensical additions, so it’s getting more difficult to tell which products are legitimate.

One of the most controversial offerings to date is CBD linens, and they’re popping up everywhere from tiny mom-and-pop shops to big box stores, so we wanted to take a moment to share the facts on the subject. Are CBD infused pillows really infused with the power of cannabinoids? Is that weed blanket truly going to help you to sleep better, or is it just going to cost you money? These are the questions that so many consumers have right now, and we’re going to do our best to answer them.

What is a CBD pillow?

A CBD pillow is just like any other pillow, only this one is supposed to boast a wide range of benefits provided by the non-euphoric cannabinoid. They’re soft, covered in a material casing and filled with light, fluffy stuffing for added comfort. In some cases, it’s the lining of the pillow that contains CBD, and in others, it’s somehow incorporated into the fill, but in the case of all CBD infused pillows, the goal is the same, to deliver a powerful hit of CBD that is potent enough to help you drift off to sleep and stay there.

Does CBD work to improve sleep?

CBD is the non-psychoactive counterpart of THC, and its effects are significantly different than one might expect from smoking a joint or popping an edible. Though some companies sell CBD products like oil specifically under the guise that they can help to improve sleep quality, the fact is that CBD offers more wakeful stimulating qualities rather than those that might be more sedating and conducive to a good night's sleep. So, while this might come as a bit of a shock, CBD isn’t likely to improve an individual's sleep at all.

How a CBD pillow is supposed to work

The hope with CBD pillows is that there is enough of the cannabinoid fused into the materials to offer some level of relief. Once you lay down on one, pressing the air out of the materials and stuffing, small amounts of CBD may be released into the surrounding air. Just enough for you to garner the benefits without having to take a real CBD product. The problem with this is that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that they are effective sleep aids at all.

Are they effective?

Some consumers rave about their CBD pillows, but some experts point towards the very real placebo effect as the cause, and this isn’t because CBD alone doesn’t really help with sleep, it’s because the way that it’s delivered is inefficient and impractical. Inhaling traces of CBD is still a very misunderstood method of delivery, and there’s no proof that it works. Alternatively, rubbing it onto the skin can have great benefits like decreased inflammation and redness, but the skin prevents a topical application from working unless it’s incredibly strong.

Human beings are protected by a thick layer of skin that is designed to keep even the smallest bacteria and pathogens out, which keeps us healthy, but it also makes it much more difficult to absorb an effective amount of any one cannabinoid. So, while technically, CBD does offer some benefits when it’s rubbed against the skin or inhaled, there is no way that you’d get enough from a pillow to see any real tangible results as most would expect from a CBD pillow.

Are CBD pillows worth buying?

While it might be fun to buy a novelty CBD pillow, they really aren’t going to give you any special luxuries or privileges than any other brand, so there is no reason to buy them. Of course, some people report things like clearer skin, and a few even go so far as to say they do work, but the science isn’t there to back up the idea. In the end, for the majority of consumers, CBD pillows just aren’t worth buying.

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