Dream Time Bedding - Canna Bed Canadian hemp mattresses

Published May 25, 2019 10:20 a.m. ET
Hemp, is this the miracle fabric of the future? Photo: Dream Time Mattresses

Co-owner of Canna Bed, Ryan Chilvers will tell you that using hemp fabric for the mattresses sold at Canna Bed is a healthy alternative to the traditional cotton that is being used today. Hemp is three times stronger than cotton and uses less land to produce more product. The miracle fabric which Ryan labels as hemp also will naturally regulate your body temperature.

Canna Beds mattresses are bed bug, dust mite, humidity, and mold resistant. The natural anti-bacterial properties will help in the reduction and the eradication of bacteria.

Ryan can see his mattresses being as an aid to hospitals or long-term care facilities in controlling bacteria from spreading. Another promising outlook for Canna Bed is in the hotel and hospitality industry. An immense problem in this industry is the infestation of bed bugs. Hemp is a bed-bug resistant fibre that could be a benefit when used in the manufacturing of the bedding for the industry.

Canna Bed has not invented the wheel when using hemp as a material. Hemp which has been used for centuries in the fabric, is at the fore-front now. The legalization of marijuana in Canada has shone the spotlight on the cannabis plant.  Ryan is expressive at making sure that there is no confusion with what hemp is. Hemp is not marijuana. Hemp is a sustainable legal fabric that has many benefits.  Ryan is quick to identify that this product is not subject to restrictions in Bill C-45, otherwise known as the Cannabis Act. The product used is not sourced from the marijuana plant but uses the hemp plant. Canna Bed saw the opportunity that was being presented with the legalization of the cousin plant marijuana, to inform, educate, and broaden their consumer base and inventory on hemp.

The company offers different models of their mattresses, which all include the comfortable combination of cooling memory foam and gel they are:

• Mellow: this is a twelve-inch ultra-plush edition
• Mirage: this is a ten-inch extra plush edition
• Montego: this is a ten-inch plush edition
• Marlee: this is an eight-inch firm edition
• Latex: this is offered in three sizes using only natural materials, a twelve-inch plush, ten-inch lounge plush, and eight-inch firm latex

The company is accommodating in producing special order mattresses. The Canna Bed company also manufactures hemp pillows and sheets.

Purchasing your mattress can be achieved in a few ways. Online is an easy option for those that are not nearby one of the stores located through-out Canada.

Canna Beds offers free delivery to most places in Canada and the continental U.S.A. return policies for this product should be noted before purchasing. As with personal items, refunds are not offered. However, there is extensive help in assisting you in the choosing of a comfortable product that suits your needs and comfort levels before you purchase.

Customers are of all ages, with the younger crowd enjoying the cannabis leaf cover on the mattress. The older mature consumer has a choice of the plain cover if they choose.

The consumer will be able to purchase a bed-in-a-bag product. In keeping with trying to leave the least carbon footprint behind, Canna Bed chooses to ship the product in a re-usable bag. Canna Bed will ship the product to you within 72 hours of the order being placed.

Dream Time Bedding introduced this new line in the mattress department to show the versatility that the hemp plant has for providing a sustainable material. Locally sourced companies build the mattresses using gel and an open cell form technology.

Ryan has positive vibes going forward for his young business. The legalization of marijuana on October 17, 2018 has opened the eyes and ears to the rejuvenation of the 20-year-old Canadian hemp business. Canna Bed is ready for you to experience a peaceful, healthy, comfortable sleep, each night.



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