Did you know there’s a CBD serving restaurant in the UK?

Published Jun 23, 2019 11:47 a.m. ET
Photo credit / The Canna Kitchen

CBD oil is provided by the cannabis, and hemp plant. The evolving plants use everywhere and gaining more popularity as we speak. CBD oil will not get you that psychoactive high that THC another component of the plant will do.

Brighton, England is more than just a seaside resort on the coast of southern England, it is to be home to the first legal, vegan and vegetarian restaurant that offers a cuisine infused with CBD. November of 2018 saw the legalization of medical marijuana treatment and the legalization of hemp CBD products in the UK. The Canna Kitchen opened for business to the public, one month later.

The mission at the restaurant is to help in the transition that is needed to erase the stigma attached to the plant. The infusion of CBD will complement, the delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes that are served at The Canna Kitchen. The cannabis plant is a highly nutritious, and powerful herb that is packed with flavor, and natural therapeutic benefits.

Sam Evolution, the manager and co-founder of the restaurant, proudly serves creative dishes that can be infused with cannabis, based on the customer's tastes and desires.

The head chef, Charlotte Kjaer, enjoys sharing her passion for the plant, in her delicious array of food that she prepares. Her knowledge of the cannabis plants components and the benefits each possess are what make her culinary art superb. CBD is the prominent cannabinoid that is hot on the market, but CBG (Cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol) are cannabinoids that the chef also utilizes. The menu at The Canna Kitchen ranges from soup to delicious mouthwatering desserts that can be followed by a soothing hemp tea. All the food served at The Canna Kitchen is fresh and locally sourced organic produce whenever possible.

Menu selections, vegetarian-friendly:

• Soup of the day: accompanied by sourdough bread and CBD infused butter or olive oil if you prefer
• Main dish: Zaatar Roast Cauliflower, hemp heart tabbouleh with smoked Aubergine, sesame Cavolo Nero, and CBD Tahini Cream
• Dessert: Hemp and CBD dark chocolate mouthwatering brownies, Vanilla hemp ice-cream covered in caramelized hazelnuts


The restaurant will extend your delight by inviting you to explore another area of the restaurant. After your meal, the upstairs dispensary, and lounge area will happily provide the ambiance for you to enjoy, your Moroccan coffee, or perhaps a CBD packed joint.

The store has a wide variety of cannabis products that you might enjoy purchasing, or perhaps you have left your vape at home, the dispensary can help you. The vape products that the dispensary carries will be a delight to view and purchase. The store can also fill your need for skin-care products, and not to be left out is your furry friend’s dinner that is also available to purchase. All the products purchased at the dispensary have less than 0.2% THC.

It is with a sad note to report that The Canna Kitchen has been closed indefinitely. The restaurant was raided in the early part of May 2019 for infusing food with CBD oil. The inventory was seized, despite the owners saying they were assured by police and the trading standard last year, that the products they supplied were legal. Industrial hemp was seized from the restaurant, which was imported legally, all duties and taxes were collected, states Sam Evolution.  Mr. Evolution and his family stand to lose hundreds of thousands of pounds that they invested in the health food business along with the loss of promising investors looking towards investing in the expansion of the company.

There is confusion over the legalities of the product that The Canna Kitchen supplies. This is leaving the owners to believe the matter could have been dealt with differently, bearing in mind that The Canna Kitchen had complied and sought out advice from the police on the legalities and policies needed to operate a CBD oil infusion menu in their Brighton restaurant. These developments have left the owners of the restaurant to feel that they are being used as a test case for the CBD infused food explosion that is happening in the UK.

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