Dab rigs and bongs for the cannabis lover this Valentine’s Day

Published Feb 14, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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February 14th is here, and some look upon this day as a holiday for lovers. One of the best ways to express your love to a cannabis connoisseur is to present that special person with one of the most fantastic dab rigs, bongs, or pipes that are on the market today. The cannabis couple can look forward to that special day being complete with their favourite cannabis strains filling the air, sending vibes of love and harmony.

Let’s take a look at what Valentine’s Day ideas there are for you and your lover to play with and experience on this special day of love. Dab rigs, or as some refer to them, oil rigs are concentrate pipes. In reality, these dab rigs are a type of water pipe designed especially for the use of waxes or oils often named dabs. These tools and accessories make excellent gifts, and so do a variety of other pieces. Here, we’re going to cover some of the most unique ones that make perfect Valentine's day ideas.

710 Travel Kit

Cost: $49.99

This useful on the go dab kit comes in a hard shell travel case. Inside the case, you’ll find:

  • 1 mini dab rig 3.5-inch
  • 1 premium quartz banger 14mm
  • 1 silicone stash container
  • 1 premium titanium dab tool (double-sided)

Champagne Bottle Bong V2

Cost: $49.99

Perhaps you and your partner do not prefer alcohol as a means to celebrate. In that case, this champagne bottle bong will be a perfect substitute.

  • 1 14mm female joint
  • Height of 7.5-inches
  • 1 premium flower bowl
  • 1 420 champaign bottle

The Puffco Peak Pro

Cost: $399.99

If love is in the air and money is not an issue, then why not spoil your love with this fantastic bong.

This product offers a new method of consuming concentrates. It is an efficient and seamless way that the beginner can use to enjoy the magic of cannabis concentrates. The rig offers the highest level of control to provide you and your valentine with the exact experience you dream about for Valentine's Day. This is a smart dab rig with a downloadable app that pairs with the Peak Pro, giving you the perfect and most consistent dab experience possible.

69 Ceramic Pipe

Cost: $30.00

If you like to play guessing games with your partner, then this little ceramic pipe could be the perfect gift for you and your valentine to share. Perhaps it might lead you both in the right direction this Valentine’s Day.

  • 1 sculptured ceramic pipe looks like the infamous "69."
  • 9-inch perfect length
  • Delicious cool smoke

Her and His Double Bubblers

Cost: $124.00

Why not give your partner a gift for you both to share on this romantic day?
These bubblers are a perfect treat for a couple to enjoy. The bong offers:

  • Two chambers addition for double water filtration
  • 1 gold fume inside of the eye-catching pink glass creates a beautiful viewing experience
  • 1 excellent coloured portrayal of the jungle to view when held to the light

Pink Percolator Bong by Diamond Glass Beaker

Cost: $180.00

If pink is the colour for your special someone, then this bong might be the right choice for a Valentine’s Day gift to your partner. This magnificent bong has:

  • 11-inches of glass
  • 1 14mm Martini Bowl
  • 1 ice catcher perfect for further cooling of your smoke
  • 1 splash guard, no mess, no water in your mouth no matter how hungry and healthy your rips are
  • 1 diffused down stem allowing for bursting bubbles
  • 1 precision slit showerhead percolator

Final thoughts

Valentine’s Day comes on the calendar once a year, but love is available every day. Expressing your love on this Valentine's day with your special person can be exhibited no better than with one of the perfect dab rigs, bongs, or pipes that are available today. If you find the purse strings tight this year, perhaps due to the COVID-19, fear not, as a simple silicone bong will please your partner too.

Whatever material you choose, make sure to enjoy this romantic day with your partner and your favourite strain of romance evoking cannabis. Studies have shown that smoking herb can help some people to enjoy sex more. Providing your partner with a gift on Valentine's Day that can ignite the passion for both of you is the best way to show your love on this love inspiring day.

How to make this Valentines day special with cannabis


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