Check out these ten bestselling CBD edibles of 2018

Published Feb 28, 2019 01:30 p.m. ET

While companies that make and sell CBD edibles make all sorts of claims about taste and potency, the very best way to legitimize those claims is by listening to customers who have experience in what in enjoyable and what to avoid. While most edible CBD products on this list are pure CBD you will see the occasional one that is paired with a THC content, so watch out for a full spectrum label which means both will be present. We hope you enjoy our list of ten top-selling edibles high in CBD that also come backed by positive reviews from the last year or more.

1. Halley’s Comet Full Spectrum CBD Jelly Bombs

Cost: $12

One of the bestselling CBD jellies is Halley’s Comet full spectrum jelly bombs. These edibles contain both CBD and THC to offer the best of both worlds. Each one comes loaded with 40 milligrams of CBD and 40 milligrams of THC per gummy with one gummy included per package. Made using a Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain that helps to make this product perfect for daytime use. They look like a mini Lego brick and taste just like fresh ripe watermelon. These delectable edibles are some of the sweetest doses of delight you will ever try.

Where to purchase: http://headz.ca/product/jelly-bomb-40mg-thc-40mg-full-spectrum-cbd-halleys-comet/

2. CBD Isolate

Cost: $50

CBD Isolate is made up of 99% CBD and can be made into drinks, capsules, or homemade edibles high in CBD. While it isn’t pre-flavored and ready to enjoy, the versatility of CBD isolate is only as limited as the extents of your imagination. If you want to create your edible CBD products than CBD isolate will provide the biggest bang for your buck.

Where to purchase: https://headz.ca/product/cbd-isolate

3. CBD Milk Chocolate Bar

Cost: $22.50

Simple and sweet this CBD chocolate bar contains a relatively high 85 milligrams of CBD per chocolate bar. These delectable edibles have managed a five-star rating for two years straight from satisfied customers who return again and again for a delicious treat that makes maintaining a daily dose of CBD seem like less of a task and more of a treat. The taste of CBD is completely undetectable. Milk chocolate is by far the most popular flavor of chocolate bar making them one of the most sold CBD edibles on the market today.

Where to purchase: https://headz.ca/product/cbd-milk-chocolate-bar/

4. CBD Racers Peanut Butter Cups

Cost: $14.99

A new twist on an old love, these peanut butter cups taste just like Reese’s peanut butter cups and are even packed sporting the same colors and similar yellow writing which are enough to catch any chocolate lovers’ eye. If you love peanut butter and chocolate and are looking for a high dose of 50 milligrams of CBD that can easily be dividedwithout measuring into two separate doses than you must try these delicious CBD edibles.  

Where to purchase: https://cheebas.ca/recers-cbd-peanut-butter-cups-edible

5. CBD Pure Tincture

Cost: $89.99

Twice as strong as Cheeba’s 150mg bottle is their pure CBD tincture that contains a high 300 milligrams of CBD. Its liquid volume is a total of 30 ml. Edibles high in CBD are so easy to make by adding just a few drops of this tincture into any water, juice, coffee, tea, or baked goods. Mostly used by those with chronic aches and pains that have not had any success with lower doses. These edible CBD products are meant to be taken orally and have absolutely no smell or taste making it a painless smoke-free option for those who are seeking relief for medicinal purposes.

Where to purchase: https://cheebas.ca/cbd-tincture-300mg-tincture


6. Full Spectrum Iced Tea Mix and Go Crystals

Cost: $6.50

Looking for a little extra boost in a cool refreshing drink?If so, look no further. These iced tea crystals are delicious and come in a wide range of flavors including iced tea, cherry, lemonade, orange, pineapple, passion fruit, raspberry, watermelon, and mango. Simply add one package of crystals to one 500ml bottle of water, shake, and drink. The THC is already fully activated and will produce a powerful body buzz since each pack contains 80mg THC and 50mg of CBD. Made by the natural health remedy which also carries higher and lower dosed pure spectrum and CBD only juice crystals at an affordable price.

Where to purchase: https://thenaturalremedy.ca/product/mix-go-drinks/

7. Anonymous Content Full Spectrum Tincture (CBD & THC)

Cost: $129.99

Looking to garner the benefits of edibles high is CBD and THC? Most who seek out CBD edibles do so for medicinal purposes that often involve pain. While CBD can work wonders on any pain that is caused due to inflammation, it alone is often not enough to completely erase an individual's symptoms. That’s why full spectrum tinctures that utilize both THC and CBD were made. Like any tincture, this one can be used in the making of CBD edibles with the bonus of the psychoactive and more intense chemical component THC. Inside this 30ml dropper bottle of tincture, there is a 4 to 1 ratio of THC and CBD which works out to 300mg of THC and 75 mg of CBD.

Where to purchase: https://cheebas.ca/Anonymous-Content-Rhaspberry-41-THC-to-CBD-Tincture-300mg-THC-75mf-CBD

8. Chloe’s CBD Infused Cake

If you are looking for edibles high in THC than check out Chloe’s ice cream cakes that are infused with CBD oil. While you can’t order one from too far away, this company based in NYC is the first of its kind to produce such a unique and easy to personalize treat. They have something for everyone including all your favorite flavors on tap that have been pre-infused with CBD. Try out coffees, cakes, and other snacks by checking out Sweets by Chloe.

Where to purchase: https://fitt.co/by/chloe-cbd-cakes/

9. Lemon Grass CBD Tea

Cost: $19

Some of the most unique edibles high in CBD come in the form of drinks. This relaxing Lemongrass Temple Tea is designed and sold by Mota to be a comforting, tasty hot brew beverage. This tea is incredibly high in CBD containing 120 mg of CBD per bag. With an impossible to ignore lemony scent that will help to clear airways and works on an aromatic level while being paired with a high dose of CBD which provides an easy to control dosage.

Where to purchase: https://herbapproach.com/product/lemon-grass-cbd-tea-mota/

10. Chewy Chocolate Chill CBD Cookies

Cost: $10

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the few treats that seem to be widely accepted across the board as a comfort food all on its own. These delectable edibles contain a high 50mg of CBD content and are fully loaded up with chocolate chips. Perfect slightly heated with a warm glass of milk or fresh out of the bag. These CBD edibles contain no THC and will not get you high, but they are labeled as having potentially sedative effects. The best part is these treats are easy to eat more of for a higher dose.

Where to purchase: https://www.cannabiscare.ca/products/chewy-chocolate-trip-cookies-cbd-50-mg/



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