Check out these 5 cannabis infused chewing gums

Published Jun 17, 2019 11:10 a.m. ET
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Have you been seeking a healthier alternative to the average weed candy? If so, then this is precisely where you want to be. Regardless of which cannabinoid you might prefer, there are now quite a few options to pick from. So many in fact that this popular new idea is growing faster than marijuana gummies, and it isn’t hard to see why. Get all the same benefits of smoking weed, without the harmful carcinogens that can inflame the lungs or the high dose of sugar that can be damaging to your health. If this sounds like the product for you, then you are going to want to check out this five new cannabis infused chewing gums.

1. Joygum

Joygum was initially designed by a chewing gum expert and his cannabis enthusiast wife who was inspired while on vacation in Amsterdam. This once small business now offers four different kinds of THC infused chewing gum, and customers are raving. The four options as of now are watermelon, mint, bubble gum, and blue raspberry lime. All of them include a relatively high dose for their size too, weighing in with 100 mg of THC per package in all but one option. The last is slightly different and offers a smooth blend that includes 50mg of THC and 50mg of CBD for an experience that provides the best of both worlds. The unfortunate part is that they are not available for sale anywhere other than Colorado, so be sure to check them out during your next visit.

Website: www.sharejoygum.com

2. CanChew Gum

The American based company CanChew biotechnologies took the idea of regular chewing gum and turned it into an all-natural daily supplement with medical values that cannot be denied. Though this one is being marketed as a cannabis-based product, it contains hemp seed oil which holds large amounts of CBD, but absolutely none of the psychoactive element THC. This sugar-free recipe helps to provide a guilt-free option that is easier to take, measure, and self-administer than traditional oils via a dropper.

Website: www.medicalmarijuanainc.com

3. MedChew Rx

Axim Biotechnologies based out of the Netherlands has officially announced the introduction of a brand-new product that has yet to be released but should be seen on the market at some point over the next year. The formula for this medicated chewing gum was designed as a replacement for smoking weed, which is a high demand sector of the cannabis industry, especially amongst medical patients. Once this formula is available to the public, it will be available by prescription only in the United States, but there has also been talk of the product making it to the Canadian market, so we will just have to wait and see.

Website: https://bedrocan.com

4. Ganga Gum

This one by Aubox is one of the few cannabis-infused gums that can be ordered from almost anywhere in the world, as it is available both online and inside of dispensaries all over the world. This luxury weed candy comes in two different strengths, including 50mg or 100 mg of THC, and is flavored to taste the same as the old school pink bubble gum that we already know and love. Each box contains 12 individual pieces that are separately last to ensure the freshness and flavor last.

Website: https://theaubox.com

5. Endoca CBD chewing gum

For those who are seeking the benefits of cannabis, without the euphoric high there is this incredibly high strength CBD gum made by Endoca which is almost certain to alleviate many of the symptoms that consumers use CBD oil to treat. Each pack comes jam-packed with 150 mg of CBD, and since they are hemp-based, it is entirely legal to order and ship them over state lines that still have marijuana bans in effect.

Website: www.endoca.com

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