Check out these 5 best-selling CBD dog treats

Published Feb 20, 2019 02:37 p.m. ET

Now that people are starting to learn that their pets can garner the very same benefits they do from CBD products, the demand for CBD dog treats has reached an all-time high. Researchers all over the world have been working on formulating the best CBD oil for dogs and the healthiest recipes that they can be incorporated into to bring us a decent selection of CBD products to choose from for our four-leggedfriends. CBD dog treats are a safe, non-toxic, and affordable treatment option for pups that are suffering from pain, cancer, anxiety, seizures, and arthritis. Since CBD contains absolutely no psychoactive properties, you don’t have to worry about your doggie feeling stoned, and these treats make it easy to administer fast and efficient relief for a variety of symptoms. Here are the top five bestselling CBD dog treats that you can buy online right now.

1. ApawthecarryPets Beef Treats

Cost: $30

These treats are made and exclusively sold by veterinarians, though a simple inquiry at your own office is enough to score you some of these medicated morsels. One bag contains 200mg of a daily supplement recipe that’s been formulated specifically to help with anxiety and pain. Additional benefits are a boosted immune system and a calming of seizures or epilepsy symptoms. These CBD dog treats are gluten-free and corn beef based to provide a well-balanced dose paired with essential vitamins and nutrients. With 25 mg of CBD per treat and 28 in each bag, one should last almost an entire month for one month keeping the cost of treatment affordable.

Where to purchase: www.apawthecarrypets.com

2. Honest Paws Roasted Peanut Butter Calming Treats

Cost: $25

Honest Paws makes an entire line of CBD dog treats for anxiety and stress including some delicious flavors that are sure to keep your pup coming back for more including peanut butter, turmeric, beef, chicken, and turkey. All Honest PawsCBD products are soy free and made using completely pure 100% natural CBD oil combined with fresh nutrient-rich ingredients. Perfect for dogs who suffer from behavioral issues like nervous licking or chewing, stress before car rides, or separation anxiety. Treats contain 5mg of CBD each and one bag holds 20 biscuits of all-natural soothing relief.

Where to purchase: www.honestpaws.com

3. Pharma Hemp Bacon Biscuits

Cost: $23.98

Bacon is one of the most popular flavors of dog treats, and the addition of CBD certainly doesn’t do anything to change that. Pharma Bacon CBD dog treats are made using a full spectrum hemp oil that contains CBDA, CBG, CBD, and CBD. This American brand is professionally formulated to provide the benefits of some of the best CBD oil for dogs hidden within a delicious recipe that no dog will suspect. Inside one bag you will find 20 treats that contain a total of 100 mg divided into 4-5mg of CBD doses for a low to moderate symptom treatment of anxiety, inflammation, and stress for dogs.

Where to purchase: www.hemphealthinc.com

4. HolistaPet Joint and mobility CBD Dog Treats

Cost: $27.95


HolistaPet is another American brand that carries almost 100 different kinds of CBD products for dogs that are all natural, organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and uses no GMO’s. These joint and mobility care CBD dog treats are a unique blend of pumpkin and cinnamon flavor that dogs go crazy for. Each bag contains 30 individual treats that are each 5 mg of CBD making them a low dose option for those with smaller pets. This recipe is formulated using Boswellia and Turmeric Root to assist in reducing inflammation and strengthening the joints long term. Those essential components are combined with hemp seed powder which is a superfood that is full of essential fatty acids and proteins.

Where to purchase: www.holistapet.com

5. Pure Hemp Pet Food Spray

Cost: $49

If you are looking for a way to give various doses of CBD depending on your pets’ daily needs without committing to purchasing a bag of treats that holds only a limited about of the cannabinoid. Then the Pure Hemp Pet Food Spray might be exactly what you have been looking for. It comes contained inside of a ready to spray canister that is easy to use. Just mist it over your dog’s treat or in a dish of food and watch the difference in your furry friend. This recipe is excellent for pain relief and its anti-aging qualities and even carries a five-star rating with 99% of customers over the last five years. This particular kind can also be administered orally, to make your own homemade CBD dog treats, or to combine with other ingredients your pet might prefer over premade labeled brands of treats.

Where to purchase: www.purehempshop.com

6. King Kalm CBD Oil

Cost: $89.99

Named the best CBD oil for dogs in 2018, the King Kalm CBD Oil contains a whopping 300mg of CBD per bottle. All King Kanine CBD products are made using the highest standards of quality testing in the industry, and each one is formulated by an in house licensed holistic doctor and a licensed pharmacist to provide the some of the most effective canine-focused products for pain, anxiety, depression, and inflammation. This oil is combined with krill oil which is high in antioxidants and omega 3 fats which help to strengthen the immune system and joints while relieving pain and other arthritis symptoms like muscle stiffness and trouble sleeping.

Where to purchase: www.kingkanine.com


CBD dog treats tend to come in relatively standard measurements, but did you know that there are recommended amounts to stick within that are based on weights just like our own medications? Below you will find guidelines for administering CBD products to your canine friend.

2 lbs - 0.1 mg-0.5 mg
5 lbs - 0.25 mg-1.25 mg
10 lbs - 0.5 mg-2.5 mg
15 lbs - 0.75 mg-3.75 mg
20 lbs - 1.0 mg-5 mg
25 lbs - 1.25 mg-6.25 mg
30 lbs - 1.5 mg-7.5 mg
35 lbs - 1.75 mg-8.75 mg
40 lbs - 2 mg-10 mg
45 lbs - 2.25 mg-11.25 mg
50 lbs - 2.5 mg-12.5 mg
60 lbs - 3 mg- 15 mg
70 lbs - 3.5 mg- 17.5 mg
80 lbs - 4 mg- 20 mg
90 lbs - 4.5 mg- 22.5 mg
100 lbs - 5 mg- 25 mg
110 lbs - 5.5 mg-27.5 mg
120 lbs - 6.5 mg-32.5 mg
141 lbs - 7.5 mg 37.5 mg



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