Cannabis spa treatments

Published Mar 3, 2019 10:09 a.m. ET

Which is better for relaxation hemp or marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana are from the same plant but are very different. Hemp (cannabis sativa) and marijuana (cannabis Indica) both have their place in the cannabis industry. Hemp, although it does not contain THC as its rival marijuana does, is rich in CBD properties. Marijuana supporters believe that CBD needs the synergy of THC to be beneficial in the aiding of medical concerns. This implies that CBD needs THC to reach its full medical potential.

Advocates for the hemp plant have tremendous faith in hemp healing. The benefits for hair and skin are just a couple of benefits for your body. Hemp is also useful in making paper, and aids in the construction material business.

I believe that spas across Canada will be promoting hemp infused spa treatments soon. These treatments will not provide any psychogenic effects, CBD does not have this cannabinoid in its properties. The treatments will, however, increase relaxing feelings while assisting with pain and anti-inflammatory issues. Most of the spas will be using topical applications for facials and total body massages and rendering the body supple and moisturized. When CBD is taken orally, it is known to relieve stress and anxiety.

Ste Anne’s Spa

Location in Grafton, Ontario

This beautiful award -winning rural spa is housed in an 1858 fabulous stone farmhouse. The Canna Massage is offered here. Different from THC healing, the massage is tailored to relax, revitalize and heal your weary body mind and soul. The treatment uses essential oils that are infused with CBD. After enjoying your Canna Massage, youwill be happy to receive a full-size bottle of Rest Aromatherapy Oil for you to take home and enjoy. This aromatherapy oil is the best the spa has.

The total price less tip is $155.00 60 minutes of pure bliss.


Modrn Sanctuary

Location in New York City

Modrn Sanctuary uses hemp rich in CBD products for your 60 or 90 minute personalized massage. The addition of CBD will enhance your ability to relax at a deeper level assisting the massage therapist to achieve better release of the stress in your body Your pain and muscle aches will be relieved

The total price, less tip, is $200.00 - $245.00

Well, all that talk about spas hemp and weed relaxation is great but is hemp legal in Canada? Yes, my friend, the regulations state that hemp products sold in Canada must be less than 0.3%. After legal legislation of the cannabis plant, hemp plant growers were able to sell their product to LP’s.

I think that Canada is getting ready for the hemp plant industry explosion. In 2017 more than 138,000 acres of hemp was planted. There are also numerous hemp product and service ideas becoming a reality, like marijuana aromatherapy, hemp spa treatments, and hemp remedies. That number is going to rise with the increased uses of the industrial hemp plant.

Well, it is that time again, time to pick which CBD infused essential oil will be my partner for the night. Relaxation from massage whether it be the hemp or the marijuana that does the trick, bring it on.



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