Cannabis lube 101

Published Jun 3, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis lube is a hot product that can do a world of good for the body and in the bedroom, but there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding this topical option. Some are afraid that it might get them high, others have no idea how adding it to their routine might help, and far too many still fear that trying it out could result in a failed drug test. The uncertainty is more than understandable, which is why here we’re going to clear the air so that you, our readers, can make informed decisions based on the facts.

What is cannabis lube?

Cannabis lube is a personal lubricant that’s infused with cannabinoids and other non-intoxicating ingredients. Every formulation is unique, with some brands incorporating other cannabis compounds, but they are all designed to do the same two things, reduce friction, and enhance pleasure.

What’s it used for

Weed lube can be used in just about every situation that you’d use another type of lubricant for, including massage and for added pleasure during sex, and many consumers say that it does even more than that. Users report less pain, heightened sensitivity, and aromatic benefits as their primary reasons for relying on these infused products, suggesting that they truly can provide relief and enhance sensual pleasure.

Are there different types of weed lube?

There are many different types of cannabis-infused lubricants, including THC, CBD, and combinations of both primary cannabinoids. Some add other elements derived from the plant, while a select few offer to intensify the experience with numbing agents that will leave you tingling. Many weed lube brands are now incorporating penetration enhancers, which are ingredients that work to increase the absorption of all the lubricant’s compounds, and some say that these additions make them even more effective. Choose oil-based or water-based, and if you wish, there are some that go so far as to include arousing scents.

Can it really improve sex?

One study points to the effectiveness of cannabis lube as an enhancer of female sexual function, and there is also plenty of evidence to suggest that it can work other wonders in the bedroom by reducing pain, anxiety and stress. Some research shows that this kind of lubricant can also intensify orgasms and help men to last longer. We’re still miles away from entirely understanding how to harness all of the benefits of cannabis lube in the perfect formula for each individual. But yes, this stuff really can help to make intimacy of all sorts much more enjoyable!

Is weed lube edible?

All lubricants are edible to some extent, which means that it’s not going to hurt you to get a bit in your mouth in the process. However, it is not recommended that consumers drink or even sip it in hopes of intensifying the felt effects. Doing so could result in an upset stomach, diarrhea, or a general feeling of being unwell, so don’t go filling up on this stuff, no matter how good it might smell.

Does THC lube get you or your partner high?

Our skin acts as a barrier that’s constantly working to keep invading compounds from entering the bloodstream, so when cannabis lube is applied, even in the deepest, most intimate places not much makes its way through. So, if you were to drink a lot of it, the felt effects would be there, as using this lubricant topically results in no ill effects or euphoric impairment.

Will it make you fail a drug test?

Though cannabis is legal in many places, far too many jobs still require a drug test to maintain employment, and not all companies are okay with their workers indulging, even if it is in their spare time. In most cases, topically applied cannabinoids don’t make it into the bloodstream, but some brands add penetration enhancers that some say are strong enough to make someone fail a drug test. There is very little research available on the topic. Still, curious consumers can rest easy knowing that pure CBD lubricant is risk-free since drug tests for cannabis are scanning for traces of what is left behind by THC.

Can cannabis lube be taken any other way?

Weed lube may come complete with activated cannabinoids, but no, it cannot be smoked, baked into food, or taken safely in any other way.

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