Cannabis beverages offer a familiar bridge for new consumers

Published Jul 5, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
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According to results gathered by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Health Canada, and other leading researchers from around the world, smoking remains the most popular method of consumption for the majority of cannabis consumers, but this ongoing trend isn’t likely to last forever. Now that fewer people are lighting up cigarettes, and more than ever before are focused on healthy lifestyle choices, it only makes sense to assume that new users will be looking for alternatives that don’t come with as many risks.

Still, that’s not the only reason so many canna-curious are turning to cannabis beverages for their very first time.

Similarities to alcohol

Most who are considering using cannabis still aren’t 100% adjusted to the idea of sparking up a joint, and some aren’t fond of the stigma that’s still so often associated with it, while the majority are incredibly comfortable with alcohol consumption, as it’s been legal for many years now. Cannabis beverages offer a familiar look and action with a much different buzz and that alone is enough to make them more appealing.

The drinks they know and love

Of course, not all new users are thinking about the similarities between cannabis drinks and alcohol, but that’s because there’s something else lovingly familiar about this unique category of products, and that is they can resemble and taste just like any other drink you might enjoy on a regular day. Whether you want a cool, crisp glass of lemonade, cocktails, or a steamy hot cup of coffee or cocoa, you can have it all with the added delight of cannabinoids, making it easy to fit them into your daily routine, even for non-smokers.

Healthy ingredients

It’s impossible to deny that society as a whole is shifting away from fatty, processed foods and towards healthier ingredients, many of which are available in cannabis beverages. Protein shakes, green tea, vitamin and mineral water, and more can all be found among various brands of cannabis-infused drinks, and that makes them more appealing and gleefully familiar for health-conscious consumers on the lookout for these additions to their diet.


A wide range of choices

Even if the canna-curious don’t have a preferred marketing angle like health, and also when they don’t have a specific drink in mind, or a more positive relationship with alcohol, what they do have are options and consumers love choices, especially when it comes to familiar flavours. Are you craving something minty and not finding it in your local supermarket? Perhaps you’d love a combination of fruit, or just enough fizz to wake up the tastebuds. No matter what taste you enjoy, you can find it in cannabis drinks, and that’s pretty amazing.

Low doses

Though those with little to no experience with cannabis aren’t going to find the effects in any capacity familiar, what they will love is the fact they come in such small amounts, making microdosing and indulging in minimal amounts incredibly easy to do. Low doses mean minimal side effects and lower potential for a bad experience, things that all new users would certainly prefer to avoid.

Long-lasting effects

Cannabis beverages, much like edibles, offer prolonged effects, which don’t typically wear off in 60 minutes or less like those you’d expect from smoking. For many canna-curious, taking less is a much less daunting thought, equating to less interference with day-to-day life and responsibilities, and a healthier option.

Common misconceptions about cannabis drinks


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