Canadian based company to produce weed that does not smell

Published Dec 30, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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Technology and the marijuana plant. How far are we in understanding the abilities and benefits of the weed plant today? To start, let's look quickly at the positive attributes of this fantastic plant.

The ability to help treat multiple health conditions like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Muscles spasms
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia

The positive attributes of the marijuana plant far outweigh the most talked-about negative characteristics of the weed plant, one of which is the smell.

The company CannabCo, which is located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, claims to have developed a technology that can remove what, to some, is an offensive odour. The new strain through technology has been given the name PURECANN.  The procedure claims to exterminate all odour upon combustion and the process occurs when the cannabis is in storage.

The company makes further claims to be able to reduce the amount of harshness that is also noted from the consumption of the marijuana plant without losing any of the potency. The dried flower will be almost undetectable, according to company spokespersons. Initially, this technology was developed for the medicinal side of cannabis to help eliminate what, to some, was the unwanted and offensive odour from the marijuana plant.

Not all cannabis connoisseurs in Canada are feeling pleased with the prospect of this odourless weed plant. Some of them adamantly state that illicit weed has a better terpene profile than many of the legal options. The opinion of some is that legal marijuana does not look or smell the same as the illicit weed. Cannabis magnate Steve DeAngelo spoke of the weed he saw while in Canada as mostly terpene free and not attractive to him.

Cannabis terpenes


Terpenes in cannabis modulate the high experience. DeAngelo's opinion of how little terpenes in Canadian weed make one wonder if the depletion of the terpenes will affect the full experience provided by the weed plant. The smell free cannabis product may be jeopardized by the technology of removing the odour or terpenes.

They are waiting for the go-ahead from Health Canada, which will give CannabCo the exclusive rights to be able to use this technology on all of the products that they produce. The company is ready, and the facilities are being prepared right now for occupancy. The company is raising capital while waiting for their pending cannabis license.

The company is looking forward to addressing some of the complaints that consumers have when using cannabis, especially in small closed in areas. The consumers were complaining of the odour from the marijuana plant staying in the clothing or their hair. Many of the complaints were from people living in condominiums.

Their fellow residents complained about the noticeable odour that the weed plant had when combusted. The smell was also noted when the marijuana plant was stored in their personal spaces, or for the medical patient who needs to medicate while at work, this technology will be of great assistance in keeping the health issues of the employee confidential and unoffensive to their fellow employees.

How to use terpenes to enhance your marijuana experience


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