A review of buying through the Ontario cannabis store

Published Mar 17, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET

Citizens living in Ontario are some of the few residents in Canada to have absolutely no access to cannabis storefronts. When marijuana became legal for recreational use just after the stroke of midnight on October 17, 2018, the only authorized vendor available to purchase from was OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store). Since then, not much has changed and buying weed in Ontario has proven challenging for some who either don’t want any of the products currently offered or don’t want to wait several days for their delivery to arrive.

Since OCS orders are taken via website only, once an order is placed it is shipped out via Canada Post usually within 3-7 days. In the earliest hours of OCS being brought online purchases were a disaster with many customer’s complaining of canceled or held up cannabis and hours of waiting on hold to try to seek assistance. Luckily today Ontario Cannabis Store is much easier to get a hold of, and their customers’ orders appear to be back on track and being fulfilled closer to the promised two days OCS has posted on their website. So now that you can have a bit more confidence in your purchase, it’s time to find out what options there are when buying weed in Ontario.

The biggest question on everyone's minds when they first logged on to the OCS website was whether the prices would be competitive with current black-market prices. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be much of an attempt on the Ontario government's part to undercut current street prices of cannabis. With prices remaining on par or just above average black-market rates with a higher quality product many have decided to make the switch from their local dealer to purchasing legal taxed dried cannabis and cannabis-infused products. So just how far will your money go on the OCS website?

OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) Pricing

Since the very first opening day, the Ontario Cannabis Store has upped its game by carrying more stock of not only dried cannabis products but also bongs, pipes, vaporizers, storage containers, and grinders. Their dried herb is initially categorized by separating strains with Sativa, Indica, or Hybris options.

Bongs and Accessories

Cost: $5 - $66

Both bongs and bong accessories are sold on the OCS website with glass bowls and stems beginning around $5 and their most expensive option being a gravity bong for $66.


Cost: $7 - $120

Including wood, ceramic, metal, and glass pipes and pipe kits, the Ontario Cannabis Store offers everything from the most basic pocket pipe to an extensive Genius Pipe kit that comes with accessories like cleaning tools and replacement parts.

Handheld Vaporizers

Cost: $98 - $495.95

OCS offers a variety of higher-end handheld vaporizers and vaporizer kits that all come backed by at least a one-year warranty.


Cost: $4.95 - $429

OCS carries everything from tiny waterproof containers that can hold a single joint, to larger rolling kits and even fancy cigar type boxes that allow you to control the humidity and temperatures your dried herb is stored at.


Cost: $7.95 - $96


Whether you need a manual cannabis grinder or an automatic electric one Ontario Cannabis Store has you covered with a wide range of materials and designs to choose from.

One Gram Packs of Marijuana Bud

Cost: $9.45 - $13.25 per gram

The smallest amount of dried bud available on the OCS website is one gram. The cheapest currently available is one gram of WDBX Radiate with a 13%-21% THC content and 0%-1% CBD and the most expensive option is DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk with 13%-22% THC and 0%-1% CBD.

Indica Bud

Cost: $9.50 - $76.55

The cheapest Indica strain of dried ready to smoke bud is Fantasy Island which contains 12%-18% THC and 0%-1% CBD. One gram is $9.50, one eighth or 3.5 grams is $31.60, and one quarter (7 grams) is $60.05.

The most expensive Indica strain the Ontario Cannabis Store offers is Blueberry Kush which provides 10%-18% THC and 0%-2% CBD and costs $12.10 for one gram, $40.30 for one eighth (3.5 grams), $76.55 for one quarter (7 grams).

Sativa Bud

Cost: $9.45 - $59.89

The cheapest Sativa strain available through OCS is Radiate which contains 13%-21% THC and 0%-1% CBD and costs $9.45 for one gram, $31.50 for one eighth (3.5 grams), and $59.89 for one quarter (7 grams).

The most expensive Sativa strain sold by the Ontario Cannabis Store is grown by Tweed and called Houndstooth. This one has a 12%-20% THC content and 0%-1% CBD. It sells for $10.55 for one gram, $35.15 for one eighth (3.5 grams), and $66.70 for one quarter (7 grams).


Cost: $9.75

The cheapest hybrid sold by OCS is called CBD Shark Shock. It has 2%-5% THC and 6%-9% CBD content and sells for $9.75 per one gram, $32.40 for one eighth (3.5 grams), and $61.50 per quarter (7 grams).

The most expensive hybrid strain available for purchase through the Ontario Cannabis Store is DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk strain which contains an average 13%-22% THC and 0%-1% CBD. Right now, Lemon Skunk is priced at $13.25 per one gram, $44.15 for one eighth (3.5 grams), and $83.90 for one quarter (7 grams).

Buying weed in Ontario through the OCS website has become easier than ever. While it may take a little while to make it to you, overall the quality and selection available are good considering it has only been running for a few months. The ability to purchase legal, taxed weed is exciting and offers an entirely different experience than you could ever obtain by visiting your local black-market dealer. With cleaner facilities and more stringent oversight, the product is better and more controlled offering all cannabis user’s the ability to personalize the experience. While storefronts are much anticipated and will be easier to access for those running on time constraints, for now, OCS is doing an alright job of offering Ontarians a decent selection of dried cannabis to enjoy.



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