Best dab mats of 2018

Published Apr 20, 2019 12:33 p.m. ET

Despite popular belief that dabbing is a brand-new invention, it’s a relatively old method of smoking marijuana concentrates that didn’t just catch on recently. Dabbing was initially done without the addition of a fancy dab and instead was performed with rocks and glass that was heated to an extreme temperature to produce a similar effect while using marijuana concentrates. With marijuana use gaining in popularity over recent years the demand for new, more unique dabbing equipment followed, resulting in the wide array of products that we have access now today. One of the most recent dab rig accessories that have caught on like wildfire is dab mats.

What is a dab mat?

A dab mat AKA dab pad is meant to protect the surface that you place it on from marijuana concentrate spills or burning. It is a section of material that is used to contain any possible messes while also doubling as a protector of expensive dab rig bases that can often break from being set down too firmly.

What are dab mats made of?

Dab mats are made of a heat proof silicone or rubber that is long lasting and top rack dishwasher safe.

How to use a dab mat

Using a dab mat is easy; just remember to grab it before pulling out your dab rig. Set it down directly in front of you and place the dab rig in the center. Dab mats are ideal for resting both bongs and tools on during use to protect surfaces from being dirtied or stained.

5 Best dab mats

Though there are thousands of choices out there for dabbing accessories including dab mats, a few will always stand out just a little bit more than the rest. Here are 5 of the coolest dab mats you can buy online right now in Canada.  

1. DabPadz

Cost: $5 - $30

Dabpadz is a unique company that has dedicated every single one of their products to protecting dab rigs with high quality materials and ¼ inch thick stylish designs to suit anyone’s taste. Choose from over 100 different designs including desserts, fruit, stoner sayings, band names, anime, retro patterns, antique cars, tools, league logos, holiday themed characters, cartoons and more! These dab rig coasters come in both 5 inch and 8 inch choices to offer a reasonable amount of space coverage for both your dab rig and tools.

Where to purchase: www.dabpadz.com

2. Illuminati Glass Mood Mat

Cost: $20.98

If you are looking for something uniquely shaped than check out these American made Illuminati Glass mood mats that will change color when exposed to the light or heat and predict your mood. Designed by Bob Hq, this one is essentially a grown-up version of those old-style mood rings with class. The front features the Illuminati eye inside of a pyramid that is colored in black and silver for effect. These mats provide ample room for a dab rig, tools, and more with additional space on either side that most dab mats just aren’t equipped with.


Where to purchase: https://bobhq.com

3. My Dab Mat Canadian Leaf

Cost: $24

Are you proud to be a Canadian? Show off that spirit with this dab mat that has been designed to look identical to Canada’s flag only displaying a red pot leaf in place of a traditional maple leaf. This dab mat is made of 100% food grade silicone, measure 12 inches by 16 inches and is as wide as your typical kitchen table placemats for plates which gives you ample room to rest your tools safely while keeping your dabbing experience entirely mess free. The extra-large size is not displayed in the cost in this affordable dab rig mat option that comes ¼ inch thick with easy grip rubber underneath to keep from rapid shifting or sliding across a surface.

Where to purchase: https://shellshock420.com

4. Pokémon Snorlax Dab Mat

Cost: $35.31

If you loved the old school Pokémon and would love a new more grown up way to collect some cool gear than you must check out this Snorlax dab mat. It’s non-stick, measures 13 inches by 5 inches and comes in a unique thickness of 0.8 inches which is preferred if you are dabbing or placing your dab rig on an already elevated surface. You can choose either a blue or black border that surrounds the adorable Snorlax innocently catching some Z’s with his pal Charizard standing watch. Its hexagon shape provides a nicespread to work within, and it’s 100% bottom rack dishwasher safe making it the easiest on this list to clean in between uses.

Where to purchase: www.amazon.ca

5. Custom 420 Dab Mats

Cost: $5 - $30

Custom 420 is a unique business that caters mainly to cannabis friendly businesses and professionals with an incredible range of options for 100% customized dab mats. It is the only of its kind in Canada and is quickly gaining in popularity with over 200 different ways that you can choose to personalize your dab mat. Choose from 12 different sizes and shapes including hexagon, circular, and rectangular in either black and white or full color print for only a few dollars more. With options like 100% transparency, 100 color range, 3 shape choices, and flexibility thanks to the recycled rubber they are made from. Roll them up and pack them away with ease for a safe and discreet travel option.  

Where to purchase: www.custom420.ca

Benefits of buying a dab mat

There are a few different reasons that dabbers are always adamant about having a dab mat handy.

  • Dab mats will act as a soft cushion that will help to keep dab rig breaks to a minimum.
  • Using a dab rig will require a few tools, and a dab mat gives you a safe place to rest them in between uses.
  • Dab mats will keep any drips from marijuana concentrates contained and off hard to clean surfaces like wood tables.


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