An up-close and personal look at Bong World

Published Feb 3, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Bong World has been a reliable source of smoking and vaping products for just over two decades. For over twenty years, the business has provided the best prices and selections of smoking accessories in the west. The store located in Regina Saskatchewan, states on the website, and in the store, that all items are for your novelty use. Their sign also indicates that all smoking devices sold are for tobacco use only.

The water pipe, bongs, or water bongs, as some might call these devices, are defined as a tool that has a bowl mounted onto a vessel of water where a long tube enables smoke to be drawn through the water. This action cools the smoke and then goes through the tube and up to the mouth. Essentially it is a device used for smoking filtered marijuana or tobacco substances.

Hookahs are another popular product that is available in the Canadian owned Bong World. This device is also known as a qalyan. It can have a single or multiple stem instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavoured tobacco and cannabis. The vapour is then passed through a water basin, which is often made of glass before it’s inhaled.

The hookah consists mainly of a:

  • bowl or hookah head to hold the charcoal and tobacco or cannabis
  • the hose or hoses
  • water base or vase
  • body or hookah stem who’s purpose is to hold everything together
  • windscreen for covering the bowl area keeps the burning process under control

Some of the products that are available for sale include pipes

1. The Popular Cheech & Chong Glass Framed Water Pipe

Cost: $174.95

  • Available in a variety of colours including amber, green and teal
  • 14mm thickness
  • 4mm glass
  • 15.5 “ tall beaker tube
  • Showerhead perc

2. Gravity B 12’ Tall Water Pipe

Cost: $59.95

  • 12’tall
  • Available in blue or green
  • Vacuum system creating a more significant pull, no waste is wasted
  • The quick, useful smoking experience
  • 100% borosilicate glass

3. LIT Silicone 6” Water Pipe


Cost: $39.95

  • 14mm Male Quartz Banger
  • Available in black, green, Rasta and blue
  • Heatproof, drop-proof and crack proof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2 piece design for easy cleaning
  • Easy storage
  • Metal bowl

4. Red Eye Glass 12’ Tall O Cannabis Commemorative Beaker Tube Bong (with a bag)

Cost: $99.99

  • 11 inches tall
  • Eight arm Tree Perc
  • Available in green, pink, blue, and honey gold
  • 7mm thick Durable
  • Designed in Canada
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Comes with a commemorative drawstring bag

5. Green And White Striped Double Hose Royal Hookah

Cost: $159.95

  • Comes with a free pack of charcoal
  • A free flavour of shisha


Bong World is the go-to place for any accessories that are needed to fill the cannabis space.The store is a supermarket for cannabis connoisseurs who like to present their cannabis with many eye-catching and useful accessories. Bong World divides it merchandise into categories including:

  • Bongs
  • Pipes
  • Concentrate Rigs
  • Hookahs
  • Vaporizers
  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Misc.

This is a proudly Canadian company. All prices are in Canadian dollars, and shipping is limited to inside Canada. This company is a subsidiary of Vintage Vinyl.

Building a custom bong with BuildaBong by Smoke Cartel


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