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All about Cann, the hottest selling cannabis drink in the US

Published May 4, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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What direction is weed taking now? Consumption of the cannabis plant has taken many forms in the past centuries. No longer is smoking a joint or taking a dab the only way to fulfill your cannabis needs. Edibles have become a popular way for consumption.  A liquid marijuana drink is on the market today is now proving to be another most popular method of consuming weed.

An idea is born

While Luke Anderson and Jake Bullock had different views on cannabis while working at a marketing firm in 2014, they both saw potential in the weed industry. With legalization moving across the US and medical cannabis, which had been legal since 2000 in Colorado, where Bulluck had grown up, he saw the potential for a new cannabis product. He shared his views with Anderson on a liquid marijuana drink, a THC drink that could be competing with wine, beer, and liquor sales in the near future.

Why make a THC drink

These two colleagues were first attracted to the beverages as a method of consumption due to the thought that this delivery system would become mainstream along with its social aspect.  The liquid marijuana drink is a faster delivery method than edibles, with an onset that is usually around 15 mins. The pair decided to go low and slow, providing a minimal dose. They were looking at creating a 12-ounce infused with 2mg of THC.

Keeping the level of THC in cannabis beverages allows for a more euphoric, controllable, and uplifting experience. With the THC drink produced by the pair, there is no such thing as a bad trip. Cann, the name of the proposed THC drink, sells in a six-pack and would require you to chug down all six quickly before you could feel any adverse effect.

Cann, the newly introduced THC drink, is one of the best-selling weed beverages in the country.  The liquid marijuana drink comes with a hefty price tag for the concentration of cannabinoids contained in the six-pack. It costs twenty dollars for the six-pack, which contains 24 mg of CBD and 12 mg of THC. When you compare the price of another liquid marijuana drink that is currently on the market, like Uncle Arnies which has a potent 100mg of iced tea lemonade in an eight-ounce bottle, and a price tag of ten dollars, Cann is on the high end of the pricing spectrum.

This was done by design at Cann, as the company has a strategy which is to target a demographic that Cann calls a healthy hedonist. Cann describes this as a consumer who is looking for a fun time while using no artificial ingredients.

Thankful publicity

Holiday Cannabis Cooking Conference

In the first full year of Cann operating, the company generated three million dollars in revenue, making the product available in a number of dispensaries across the US. California has sales in this region recorded at 25 percent of all THC drinks sold. Nation-wide THC drink sales are around 175 million dollars annually. It is estimated by the end of the year, Cann will hold 5 percent of the liquid marijuana drink market. Several noted celebrities have invested in Cann, including Kate Hudson, Rebel Wilson and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Help from unexpected voices

Ellen DeGeneres, although not an investor in Cann, gave a green thumbs up to the THC drink while telling Jimmy Kimmel all about how she had indulged in it.

Cann is not a medical product, and it is indeed an alternative for White Claw. Bullock and his partner believe marijuana consumption will be in the form of beverages as we move forward. Cann is a social tonic designed as all tonics to provide a feeling well being. Cann has the addition of light cannabinoids blended to produce a refreshing, uplifting social buzz while containing only 30-35 calories per can.

Final words

Cann may only have 2mg of THC per can, which seems a little bit low, but it does allow you to enjoy more than one can while out for a social time. When you’re out for a social evening with friends, the low dose of THC gives you the ability to enjoy that new strain of herb without worrying that Cann will push the limit. Cann has a philosophy of starting low and slow like any type of indulgence with the precious flower. Enjoyment is the key to this THC drink.

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Holiday Cannabis Cooking Conference


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