Affordable, recyclable and smell proof bags to store your cured buds

Published Nov 19, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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In this article, we are going to look at smell proof bags that we can both afford and recycle. For years growers have been using the good old mason jar, and I must say that the mason jar is excellent for cured buds, but it’s not so convenient if you are on the move.

They are made of glass, so it’s not a good idea to put one into your coat pocket. Ziplock bags are suitable and waterproof, but they still leave you smelling skunky, and that is not good for traveling. Since cannabis is now legal and we have dispensaries popping up all over the map, we not only want smell-proof, but we also want to be eco-friendly. Luckily, we are here to help you with that by offering up this helpful list of trusted makers and manufacturers of weed storage bags.

1. Funsac
Funksac is a very well-known marijuana bag maker that is FDA approved to sell their product as completely odorless for cannabis storage and other derived materials. Theses bags alone are powerful enough to stop some of the most potent smelling flowers on the market. Their company is based in Denver, Colorado, and this veteran-owned company manufactures all its products locally.

That’s a great thing since transportation waste is a massive problem in the packaging industry. Funsac bags are childproof, and they also meet the legal requirements as tamper-resistant, helping to ease the minds of those ordering online. These eco-friendly bags are 100% recyclable. They have a large scale of bags available from bags for drying buds, bags for consumers, bags for cultivators, and they even have bags for edibles that are all reasonably priced.

2. Budpacks
Budpacks marijuana pouches have a double squeeze slider lock that is ideal for child resistance packaging, with tamper-resistance features that can be custom labeled. These bud packs are reasonably priced. Budpacks protect your buds from the elements while being shipped and are discreet enough to keep your curious mail person in the dark about your order. Budpacks are FDA approved and can be recycled.

3. Hush Kush
These eco-friendly and biodegradable smell proof bags have an inner coating of beeswax. These bags are washable, but if you get some, it is important to note that you should not use soap or harsh detergents to clean them. They are completely waterproof, and just lukewarm water alone will clean them up quite nicely. If your bag whitens a little, this is from the parma b. To solve the issue, just rub a little coconut oil on it, wait for it to dry, and voila in no time your Hush Hush bag will be just like new again! Love the fact of the beeswax! Save the bees!

4. MM green
MM green has been apart of the packaging industry for a long time create your ocean safe bag for your cannabis flowers.100% sustainable, they are recyclable and biodegradable, creating an environmentally gentle product a fantastic solution for pre-rolls, flowers, vape cartridges, and edibles.
5. Hisierra
These bags are ecologically sound and made from plant-based sustainable raw materials along with 100% renewable wind power energy. These bags are child-resistant and smell proof. They also provide custom packaging so you can add a little creativity to your stash.


6. Pouch makers
These bags are smell proof and tear-proof and child-resistant, Very durable with a tear notch and reusable zipper. They come in all sizes, make excellent smell-proof hanging bags, and are great for dried flowers and edibles. Last but not least, they are water-resistant to keep your stash dry and safe from contamination.

7. Stink sac
These bags trap the smell of cannabis. With this brand, there is no metal or foil presence, but they still effectively lock in moisture, keeping your stash beautiful and fresh. They are pocket-sized and block harmful UV rays, which can help to maintain the potency of your buds. These bags can be recycled, they come in all sizes, and they are affordable.

How long does weed last?

So, you may be asking how long does your weed last. Many factors play a role, such as storage if the cannabis is wet is in an airtight container or bag. Ideally, you should use all your marijuana within about six months because, after that, it starts to lose its potency, and the terpenes begin to dissipate.

Some say if you store your buds are in an airtight jar like a mason jar it preserves them for longer than six months, but as far as freshness is concerned you can find all kinds of tips and tricks on the internet for easy and effective storage, but who really has cannabis flowers last that long without being a grower? Either way, I say you should investigate and experiment with several of the options out there to find the best one for you.

How and why you should safely store your marijuana edibles and tinctures


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