A simple explanation of what HCFSE is and how to use it

Published Jan 14, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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If you have any experience with cannabis products, then you have probably noticed how hard it can be to keep up with each new version of cannabis extract. There are so many out there to choose from, and so many of us only know the darker BHO oil (butane hash) that has been common on the black market for decades.

As our understanding of each piece of the cannabis plant, producers have begun to come up with different combinations of derivative to offer a more unique and personalized experience. We now know that it takes so much more than THC alone to appease most lovers of the plant, and HCFSE is one product from this rapid evolution of the cannabis industry.

What does HCFSE mean?

HCFSE is short for High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract, which implies the various components that are included in this valuable and highly concentrated marijuana product. The makers of HCFSE have one goal, and that is to create enticing combinations that feature the natural aromas and flavors of the cannabis plant with terpenes.

What is HCFSE?

This cannabis extract includes cannabinoids like THC and CBD alongside sterols, flavonoids, trichomes, terpenes, and phenolic amides. It is most frequently sold in a crystallized form, but it can also resemble a honey oil with small granules through it. The small pieces are the more active cannabinoids, and the yellow gold that surrounds them is a rich and naturally fragranced terp juice along with everything else mentioned here. It is also completely solvent-free and one of the purest derivatives on the market today.

How is HCFSE made?

High cannabinoid full-spectrum extract is made using a solvent that has a low boiling point, to draw out the cannabinoids combined with freezing temperatures. Since making HCFSE is so gentle, it is an excellent way to preserve every single bit of the cannabis plant and turn it into one of the most natural and pure concentrates in the world.

From there, the cannabis extract goes through a rigorous dewaxing process that further cleanses the product of any remaining chemicals residues, fats, and lipids that would just take up space in the mixture. Though it might sound harsh, it works so well that all the delightful terpenes and crystals are perfectly preserved without fear of contaminants, which makes it a healthier alternative to BHO.

The effects of HCFSE


In its crystalized form, high cannabinoid full spectrum cannabis extract can reach intense levels of up to 90% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD), but when it’s in a liquid state, it more often hovers between 20% and 60%. That’s more than enough of the relaxing element to take effect and is a level that is most recommended for seasons consumers. CBD HCFSE will not induce tingly sensations and a stereotypical high, but THC HCFSE is a highly concentrated cannabis extract that is excellent for both pain and recreational use.

How to use HCFSE

HCFSE is quickly becoming one of the most favored cannabis products among dabbers, a trend that has taken the world by storm. Dabbing is a process that utilizes heat to turn the cannabinoids into smoke to inhale them, and it’s definitely the most preferred method of consumption, but it isn’t the only way to use this powerful product.

1. Dabbing
With dabbing a little bit of marijuana concentrate goes a long way, and a high-quality product like HCFSE will heat up well on a dab rig device, which is designed to preserve the natural flavors that have been combined.

2. On or in a joint or spliff
Go old-school and pull out a bobby pin or sewing needle or invest in a fancy dabbing tool to get the job done. Either way, it’s relatively easy to use HCFSE to coat the inside of a rolling paper before using it or to layer the outside in preparation for another kick of kief or finely ground bud.

3. On a bowl of fresh herb
A few drips on a nicely packed bong or pipe bowl is all that you will need, and you will feel and taste a massive difference instantly. This idea can get messy and lead to more frequent clogs over time, but that’s nothing regular maintenance and cleaning can't fix.

4. Hookah coals
This is a favorite among younger crowds and those who enjoy the hookah with either cannabis or tobacco combined with flavors, but this piece itself isn’t necessary for HCFSE. All you really need is a clean but empty paper towel tube, hookah coal and a hot plate or surface that can withstand extreme amounts of heat. Use a lighter to ignite the coal and let the first layer burn away until the sparks that dance across the surface stop completely. Now you can use a pin or dab tool to drop a small amount on the coal and inhale it using the paper towel makeshift mouthpiece.

5. Vaporizer
Vaporizers are an efficient way to consume HCFSC without any of the potential health concerns that burning dry plant materials like buds can come with. Just remember to invest in a vape pen or tabletop version that is compatible with concentrates. Otherwise, you might just clog everything up and burn out the device wasting the expensive cannabis extract in the process.

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