A review of the Toronto O’Cannabiz Expo 2019

Published Apr 30, 2019 09:25 a.m. ET

Thousands of people were watching and waiting for this year’s event to take place at the International Center located in the heart of Mississauga Ontario. O’Cannabiz promised a premiere of the world's top cannabis industry leaders with a chance to network and learn about some soon to be released products. The highlighted vendor categories included medical marijuana, legal information, agriculture, lifestyle, growing, quality control, and product analysis that was geared more towards the business sector, with a touch of cannabis product demonstration that would appeal to the average user.

One of the Expo's most significant selling points to the general public was the inclusion of world-famous speakers including television personality Montel Williams, American actress Ricki Lake, executive producer and host of Weediquette from Vice Media Krishna Andavolu. All of which spoke alongside many others who offered a personal and unique perspective into both the evolution of the cannabis industry in an up close and personal expose that shone light on the numerous beneficial qualities of marijuana and hemp plant.

As early as 9 am a massive lineup could be seen full of whispering execs and business leaders eager for the opportunity to be a part of the first O’Cannabiz Expo and Conference since marijuana legalization in October of 2018. It didn’t take long for the top dogs of the cannabis industry to begin to mingle in a way that’s never been seen before in Canada. The aroma of freshly cooked marijuana filled both the room and the parking lot as attendees smoked cannabis alongside cigarette smokers in the parking lot, and indoors The Marijuana Chef got to work preparing cannabis oil to wow the crowds by cooking elegant and enticing marijuana edibles.

It didn’t take long for world leaders, inventors, investors, and vendors to flood the halls making meaningful connections and networking in anticipation of finding the perfect product or service for an incredibly wide range of needs. From security systems to in house cannabis designed sales and analytical software. On showcase were CBD oil dispensers from SeedERP, massive rolling machines and ventilation systems from Futurola, grow operations from CannTX, and so much more. With over 20 000 square feet of wall to wall displays, there was no better place to be on April 25 for a unique and personal sneak peek into what’s happening not only in Canada but worldwide as marijuana legalization spreads in all directions across the globe, and regulation places a new elegance on a not so long ago once criminal substance.


Was O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo 2019 Toronto a success?

We can’t know for sure until the next year unfolds and the connections and relationships forged at this event have a chance to show their potential. What we do know is that tickets sold out every single day at prices ranging from $699 on Thursday 1 to $20 each on Saturday and that the energy is thriving amongst an entirely new demographic of people. Grow op’s appear to be moving from the basements of those who nourished the seeds of the black market into the hands and operations of highly educated and regulated professionals that are predominantly running the cannabis industry today, and will continue to for the foreseeable future. The attendees who sported business suits and ties are a long way from any stereotypical cannabis culture representatives, and the world is waiting, desperately in need of a cannabis dispensary system that connects people with the knowledge and products that they need to succeed.



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