A review of the Sessions bong and pipe collection

Published Dec 21, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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The Sessions bong has a modesty that no other does, with an elegance that makes you feel that the style of your bong is in touch with who you are while offering both comfort and class. That’s what you are going to experience when you purchase one of the sessions bongs or pipes. It’s a relaxing and beautiful bong that matches your decor. What a great way to enjoy a lovely quiet Friday evening with that special someone.

The extra attention to detail was well worth the effort when it comes to the Sessions bong, as the devices bong-bowl and downstem are designed with a 4 mm thick borosilicate glass-making this bong very durable and not so easy to break. When you hold the sessions bong, you can actually feel the difference in quality compared to some others.

The silicone footer shows the waterline and adds extra protection. Included, you will get an extra bong bowl and downstem, so you don’t need to worry if it happens to break. This primary focus of this group's attention was to modernize the bong. You can personalize your bong with four different colors. This bong is sleek with comfort like no other. This water pipe would make a great Christmas gift. So, sit back in your comfy chair and sit with ease, fill your bong with some spring water and enjoy this classic award-winning bong. We give a big thumbs up for this modernized piece of art that includes features like:

  • Height 10”
  • Use for dry herb
  • Made with borosilicate glass
  • Silicone footer that indicates water level
  • Glass thickness 4mm
  • Downstem size 16mm
  • Bowl size 10mm
  • Dimensions 84mm x84mm x256 mm 3.3” x3.3”x10”

Sessions hand pipe

This compact pipe was made with the same design concepts as the sessions bong. Classy and comfortable with a modern look. This pipe is sleek and very discreet exceptional durability as the silicone reinforces its strength. Great if you are taking your stash out and want to stay low-key. It comes with a custom-designed silicone case that has a metal key ring for secure attachment to a handbag or even your belt buckle . Just like the bong, you have four colors to choose from. This pipe has a flat base enabling it to stand or lay flat without losing your herb.

  • Dimensions 96 mm x38mm/3.7”x1.5”
  • Glass thickness 2.5mm
  • Keyring size 23mmx45mm/ 1”x1.7”
  • Bowl size 22mm

The Sessions hand pipe makes a great Christmas gift with a perfect look, size, and color and a design that won't spill your herb if you sit it down. We are giving a big thumbs up for this sleek handheld pipe.

There are many weed shops around with so many options of pipes and bongs. Sessions are genuinely unique while giving some style at the same time. Whether you are staying in or out and about these are a definite must-have at a very reasonable price, and they will provide you with whole new experience. A great way to light your Sessions bong or pipe is with hemp wick. This is an excellent way to avoid breathing in butane. You are sure to have a great session with these two products, SO ENJOY!

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