A brand new way to grind weed with Flower Mill

Published Jan 12, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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Every stoner has at least one herb grinder waiting silently to be put to good use. They’re helpful tools that make fast work of an otherwise tedious task of pulling buds apart by hand or slowly cutting it up with scissors with a feeling of dread looming overhead the entire time as you hope and pray you don’t get cut. Lifesavers really, but they’re not the best option out there, at least, not anymore.

About Flower Mill

Flower Mill was created by a skilled team of problem-solving engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs who are making it big by thinking outside the box to bring new tools to the market for consumers to experience. This US-based company operates out of Phoenix, Arizona, and it operates with a nearly international reach. With a whole line of mills - an incredible variety of devices that are set to replace the traditional weed grinder, this company is offering a one-of-a-kind solution to an age-old problem.

What are mills?

Mills are designed using patent-pending technology to gently turn buds into a fluffy, even crumble without shredding. With food-grade stainless steel parts and a casing manufactured using food-grade aluminum, they’re unconventional grinder alternatives complete with catch and expansion packs that work for milling weed instead of grinding it up. Though it might sound like an eerily similar process, the benefits of making the switch speak for themselves.


Have you been wondering whether or not mills are for you? Well, you’re not alone, and here we’ve got a long list of benefits that might just be enough to leave you convinced.

Fluffy crumbs

Grinders often reduce flower to a small pile, whereas mills will fluff them up, which can make it go further. Roll a bigger joint or pack an extra bowl, either way, you’ll be happy to be milling.

No remains


It’s not uncommon for your average herb grinder to get gummed up quite quickly, as small chunks of buds get left behind, crushed into crevices between the teeth and chamber walls. It’s a pain and a problem that can be avoided entirely by using a mill instead, thanks to its intricately designed screen that ensures every last piece is processed.

Minimal effort required

Manual grinders require a lot of force to function, especially once they get gunked up with that residue we mentioned earlier, while mills feel like butter in comparison, making them easier to use for those with physical limitations. With only ¼ turn, the catch is released, and magnetic force holds onto the lid, so it slides right on instead of making you work.

Easy to clean

It takes mere seconds to pull apart an entire mill, including all of its components, which opens every inch of it up, so it’s really easy to clean. No more long soaks, scraping tools, or q-tips are required with these new devices, making fast work of an unenjoyable part of the lifestyle.

Plenty of room

Traditional grinders come in all sizes, but mills guarantee the ability to process 3.5 grams of flower at a time, and that’s incredible!

How to use and care for your weed grinder


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