8 calming medicinal tea brands infused with THC

Published Feb 28, 2019 12:30 p.m. ET

 Since legalization has swept its way across the globe many new and old cannabis product companies are catching the wave by introducing more unique edible and drinkable products for those who prefer alternatives to smoking. One of the most popular has been THC infused beverages, with herbal teas being some of the most widely sold cannabis-infused products in the world. Whether you are actively seeking ideas for some healthy marijuana tea bags to try, or are just interested in browsing what’s out there, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find some of the most popular medicinal tea brands from across the globe.

1. Mello Mint Stillwater
Cost: $29
A minty, refreshing drink perfect for anyone looking for a boost on the go. This recipe uses water-soluble THC in the amount of 2.5mg per bag. These weed tea bags will leave you feeling relaxed while leaving your mind sharp and focused. Stillwater is one of the most popular medicinal tea brands due to their use of potent Indica cannabis strains that provide an aroma and taste that can’t be beaten. Curl up and relax with a cup of this tension reliever in this caffeine-free formula from Stillwater tea.

Where to purchase: https://stillwaterbrands.life

2. Third Eye Chai Tea by Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea Co.
Cost: $26
These delectable weed tea bags are brand new on the market and gaining popularity quickly. This recipe is organic, soy free, gluten free, and sugar-free. This chai tea is made using classic masala chai that is laced with almond and vanilla with three versions available including full spectrum, 30mg THC and 30 mg CBD. With Mad Hatter’s Tea line, you are sure to find something to suit anyone's tastes at a fair price that ships almost anywhere in the world.

Where to purchase: https://madhattercoffeeandtea.com

3.Skyline Boulevard Co
Cost: $25-$50
Skyline Boulevard has introduced an entire line of health-focused cannabis tea bags including some of the most popular flavors of tea including earl grey, orange pekoe, peppermint, and passion peach. Each one contains a high dose of 30mg of THC which is certain to get even the most season of users high. Their teas are made using fresh ingredients and are hand made before being individually wrapped and shipped across the world for cannabis tea lovers to enjoy. With a vintage design that is eye-catching and somehow almost modern, these guys are set out to impress.

Where to purchase: At a dispensary near you.

4. Stillwater Gentle Green Tea With THC
Cost: $22
This delicious green tea with THC can be found in many different dispensaries across the globe and is currently one of the most popular marijuana tea bags on the market. Each serving contains 0 calories, 50mg of caffeine, 10mg of CBD and .25mg of THC. One box comes with ten disposable cannabis tea bags that are shaped like sticks to keep a portion above the surface so that you never have to go finishing for a lost bag again. GMO-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan-friendly and suitable for anyone maintaining a keto diet.

Where to purchase: https://stillwaterbrands.life


5. Honey Lemon by Canna Tea
Cost: $7.99
Canna Tea has an entire line of medicinal herbal teas, but one of their most popular is the Honey Lemon Yerba Mate premade tea. Unlike most on the list, this one is not weed tea bags. Instead, it is manufactured as a premixed drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Made using Ruby Farms Original Uptown Haze producing an experience that is said to be great for focusing or meditating. Filled with plenty of healthy antioxidants this health beverage is one of the unique of its kind. If you are looking for some additional benefits, you can also pick up a jar of CBD infused pure 100% organic honey to pair with it.

Where to purchase: www.cannateausa.com

6. Lemon Ginger by Subtle Tea
Cost: $23
Touted as the holy grail of anti-inflammatory properties is this Lemon Ginger tea made by Subtle Tea Co who utilize an even one to one ratio of THC and CBD in all of their products for a full spectrum experiences that offers both a high and medicinal benefits. If you like a citrus flavor with all the benefits that ginger has to offer than you simply must try these cannabis tea bags. With one of the highest THC and CBD contents, you will find with 25 milligrams of each one. This recipe includes turmeric, lemon peel, and ginger root to provide the best taste while remaining incredibly nutritional. Each pouch contains enough to make 8-12 servings depending on the strength you use and must be steeped using a reusable tea bag.

Where to purchase: https://subtletea.com

7. High Tea by Evergreen Herbal
Cost: $5- $14
These weed tea bags are some of the most potent we could find weighing in at 10mg of THC per bag. Flavors include Black Assam, Chai, and Green Jasmine which are all offered in a caffeine-free nighttime formula to help you sleep better. They can be purchased individually or by the box with each bulk package containing 8 individually wrapped tea bags. If you are looking for some additional flavor, High Tea even carries its line of edible sticks which include chocolate and honey for a slightly more unique experience. The entire line is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and all natural making it a favorite across the board and one of the most sold THC infused drinks in the world.

Where to purchase: https://www.forevergreenherbal.com/shop/pm-formula-high-tea-10mg-thc/

8. KIKOKO Organic Chamomile Lemon Myrtle
Cost: $7
The ultimate relaxation beverage of choice is Kikoko’s Organic Chamomile Lemon Myrtle marijuana tea bags. Each one contains 3mg of THC and 5mg of CBD. If you are looking for something that will help you wind down at the end of a long day than this one might be for you. Each box contains ten cannabis tea bags that are individually packaged to keep them fresh for when you are craving a hit. Kikiki is one of the largest medicinal tea brands who utilize aromatic qualities in their ingredients to maximize the effect. This particular recipe includes peppermint, chamomile, valerian root, lemon myrtle, licorice root, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, and cornflower petals which together provide a soothing experience for both mind and body.

Where to purchase: https://kikoko.com



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