7 of the cheapest and most trusted seed banks that will ship to Canada

Published Feb 1, 2019 02:50 p.m. ET

Now that pot is legal; many Canadians are wondering how they should go about locating seeds to grow for themselves. Unfortunately, seeds are still not yet allowed, and the entire seed market seems to be viewed as more of a grey area of the law for now. This is because there are no licensed producers or vendors in Canada making it impossible for anyone to begin growing legally, which defeats the purpose of legalization in the first place. For now, the majority of seed sales are focused online with discreet packaging shipped right to your door. With thousands of different Google search results showing so many cheap weed seeds, there is no way they can all be legitimate or trustworthy. To help, we have compiled a list of some of the cheapest seed banks that are also some of the most trusted seed banks that will ship to anywhere in Canada. Whether you are looking for cheap weed seeds, low-cost auto-flowering seeds, cheap outdoors seeds, or cheap hybrid seeds we have got you covered.

1. Jah Seeds Seed Bank
Cost: $1.50-$40
Jah Seeds Seed Bank is one of the older contenders in the marijuana seed market. With experience comes quality and affordability. The owner of Jah Seeds decided long ago that affordable access to seeds what a need that was going unfilled and they have done everything in their power to continue selling cheap weed seeds as quietly and legally as possible. While they don’t advertise a seed guarantee, there has been great feedback from long-term customers who say that any problem they have encountered was swiftly solved via their amazing customer service. They are also one of the cheapest seed banks currently functioning in Canada.

Link to Purchase: www.jahseeds.ca

2. Peek Seeds
Cost: $20- $100
Peek Seeds is a large seed manufacturer that carries both hemp and marijuana seeds at discount prices. Since selling seeds is not their only income and they ship via ground delivery which is cheap, they can price low and provide some of the highest quality seeds currently available in Canada. With everything from slightly rarer exotic strains at prices around $20 a seed to cheap weed seeds of less popular heritage for as little as $4 each. Unfortunately, you can’t buy just one as their seeds come in packs of five, ten, or twenty, but their prices make it affordable to try your hand at growing some of the greats.

Link to Purchase: www.peekseedsbc.com

3. Hemp Depot
The unique thing about Hemp Depot is that they skirt the current laws surrounding the sales of cannabis seeds and market them as collectibles or souvenirs to be cherished or traded. Because of this, you will find no guarantees such as guaranteed females or promises they will be in any condition to germinate. Word is, if you email them with any problems, they will discuss to some level what’s happened and replace any purchases you are unhappy with, but you will not find any encouragement whatsoever to grow the seeds on their website aside from photos of what each strain looks like when it is fully developed. There are pros and cons to this, but the most significant benefit is cheap seed provided by one of the most trusted seed banks on the market today.

Link to Purchase: www.hempdepot.ca

4. Crop King Seeds
Cost: $5-$130
Crop King Seeds are known for their extensive hybrid selections including high producers of both CBD and THC. They sell only feminized seeds and have prices ranging from 5$ which will buy you cheap weed seeds to $130 which will buy you some high-quality hybrids. If you are looking for cheap weed seeds from one of the most trusted seed banks around, then Crop King seeds may be just what you’re looking for. $10 will buy you one to three seeds, and higher amounts are given bulk discounts of up to 20% per order.


Link to Purchase: www.cropkingseeds.com

5. GYO Seed Bank
Cost: $6.50-$100
GYO can be one of the cheapest seed banks depending on your choice of strain. There are no individual seed sales here. Instead, they are packaged and sold in packs of ten or more with prices as low as $15 and going upwards of $100 for some of the most sought-after seeds. GYO carries some of the most popular strains like Fruity Pebbles, Skunk, Killer Kush, Orange Haze, Grandaddy Purple, and Train Wreck. If you are looking for something that you found in a magazine than you will likely find it here for some of the fairest prices around.

Link to Purchase: https://ca.gyo.green

6. I 49 BC Seed Bank
Cost: $30-$50
I 49 seed bank is located in British Columbia and ships to almost anywhere in the world. If you are looking for an amazing selection of cheap weed seeds than check them out with a variety of over 300 different strains including feminized, auto-flowering, and regular cheap outdoor seeds to suit every need or budget. $30 with these guys will buy you 1-5 seeds depending on the strain you select.

Link to Purchase: https://i49.net

7. Dr. Seeds
Cost: $50-$60
These guys may have a limited selection to choose from, but they carry cheap outdoor seeds and are one of the cheapest weed banks around with the least fluctuation in prices. Seeds cost $50 for a tin of five and are all guaranteed to germinate. If for any reason they don’t sprout give them a call, and they will always make it right. Everything you get from them will be feminized so will be guaranteed females. They also sell auto-flowering strains and CBD strains for a slightly higher cost.

Link to Purchase: https://drseeds.net



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