5 Unique must-have celebrity CBD strains and products

Published Jun 1, 2019 09:43 a.m. ET
Credit: Rick_Thompson

At one time, cannabis was a taboo topic that was only touched by celebrities who were willing to go out on a limb and publicly admit to marijuana use. Great’s like Snoop Dogg, Whoopi Goldberg, Tommy Chong, and Bob Marley have always been honest with the public, and each spent many years advocating for legalization. Now that the legal marijuana market is beginning to open up, there has been a new rush of CBD infused products released. Though THC is what most enthusiasts were looking forward to, there are just as many who can benefit from incorporating the non-psychoactive benefits of CBD products into their daily regimens. Since there is nothing that we like to see more than these celebrities who have poured their hearts and souls into formalizing the industry, here are five fantastic celebrity brand products that everyone should try at least once.

1. Goop CBD wax (Gwyneth Paltrow)

Though wax is usually associated with THC, Gwyneth has partnered with Medmen to introduce an entire line of CBD products including a specially created and highly sought-after CBD wax. Though so far the rare treat is only available in certain marijuana dispensaries in Venice, the plan is to extend to Canada and the United States as legalization allows for these types of products to hit the local markets.

2. Rub body balm from Whoopi and Maya (Whoopi Goldberg)

This CBD lotion is one of the most popular CBD products from the Whoopi and Maya brand. The unique body balm is made of a combination of organic oils and cannabis that can help to alleviate menstrual cramps, muscle injury, aches, pains, and works amazingly as a smooth rub four massages. Each tub contains 25mg of CBD, weighs 2 ounces, and comes in either a scented or unscented version. Though the THC infused version is most popular, this CBD lotion is perfect for anyone seeking some of the benefits of cannabis without the high. If you are seeking a luxury experience with a silky smooth all-natural rub and happen to be in the California area which is the only place to buy it, then you might want to check it out for yourself.

3. CBD infused gummy bears from Chong’s Choice (Tommy Chong)


This delicious CBD candy is from the line that was designed by one of the greatest stoner icons of all time, Tommy Chong. Though most of us know him from his marijuana field adventures that all glamorized the euphoric sensations of THC, Tommy has always been a medical marijuana advocate so it makes sense that he would introduce a category to suit a different type of consumer. The CBD candy gummies are made of all-natural ingredients and infused with cold pressed hemp seed oil to ensure purity. One bottle contains a whopping 500mg of CBD, making them a perfect way to enjoy a personalized dose of CBD every day.

4. Marley Red CBD Rich from Marley Naturals (Bob Marley)

Marley Naturals is considered a high-end top-shelf cannabis dispensary and is the official Bob Marley marijuana brand. Though the majority of Marley’s marijuana strains consist of potent unique and specially bred hybrids, there is one CBD pure strain called Marley Red CBD Rich that has set the bar incredibly high for other competitors in the medical marijuana industry. Its smell is sweet and pungent, but the effects are uplifting, soothing, and without than intense euphoria, you would get with a THC cannabis strain. Unfortunately, this isn’t a mail order accessible option, and to find it you will have to visit one of the licensed distributors of Marley Naturals Products.

5. Chong’s Choice CBD vape pens (Tommy Chong)

This one is yet another excellent product from one of the world’s greatest are the Chong’s Choice vape pens CBD edition. These vapes come pre-loaded with cannabis-derived concentrates that are high in CBD. The vape cartridges are filled with high quality oils and contain anywhere from 20 mg to 500 mg each. Choose from flavors like cherry, strawberry, lemon, or mint, and personalize your CBD dose with micro sized easy to dose and administer hits.



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